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    It only does this randomly while she is driving the vehicle she says she can shut the car off and restart and it will work but yesterday it took her 6 or 7 times of restarting the car for the steering to come back
  2. Ryoung226


    Hello everyone I have a 2012 ford edge that my daughter has been driving but I am having trouble with the steering wheel locking up while she is driving it I have seen where alot of people have had the same issue but have seen no remedy anyone here had the same issue and fixed it ? Reminder !!!!!!! - Forum Help & Site Suggestions - Ford Edge Forum
  3. Ryoung226

    Backup camera

    But would that remove it from the sync system?
  4. Ryoung226

    Backup camera

    I's there some sort of module that could be bad or a program issue maybe?
  5. Ryoung226

    Backup camera

    It just stays the same on the home screen
  6. Ryoung226

    Backup camera

    But shouldn't it still show up in the settings?
  7. Ryoung226

    Backup camera

    There is no options at all I can go to settings/vehicle then there is no option for backup camera
  8. Hello everyone I just bought my second 2012 edge limited it is loaded but on the screen there is no options for the backup camera which it does have but not working I think it might be a programming issue or something does anyone have any suggestions?