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  1. Hello I have a 2013 Ford edge limited and my passenger side headlight has stopped working high beam and low beam if I move the wiring around it sounds like something clicking in the housing but I cannot get the headlight to work??
  2. I bypassed the bad plug because no one has one but have power at fuse box but not in the wire
  3. It is a halogen 9012.... And I do have power to the socket but I've tried three different new bulbs and cannot get the bulbs to light up I got a newtest light and I do have power into the socket but it's not lighting the bulbs up
  4. Where exactly is the headlight ballast located on this Ford edge
  5. Yes I have replaced the bulb made sure my socket is clean but I checked for power in my socket and I'm not getting my test light to light up at the socket but I was told there is separate fuses for the driver side and passenger side headlights so I'm going to check into that when I get home tonight