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  1. I'm not sure if this is going to be posted in the right spot or not but my question is related to transmission as well as advancetrac. About 2 weeks ago I acquired a misfire on my 2014 Ford edge 3.5 it is front wheel drive so I am a mechanic by trade. I own my own business and all work on my own vehicles and this thing has me absolutely baffled. I replaced my ignition coils and my spark plugs then started having a service advance track issue so I'm trying to chase down everything that's gone wrong think if maybe a disconnected something under the hood while changing the spark plugs and ignition coils I've taken it apart 15 times because I keep second guessing myself every time I come to the same conclusion that nothing is unplugged today I drove the car about 30 mi and now it acts like the transmission is locked up I put it in reverse it has a very hard clunk I put it in drive same thing and it's almost like it's stuck in between gears I have changed my turbine speed sensor and all other sensors that are internal on the transmission out of put new solenoid pack in I use the proper fluid proper amount of fluid but this service advance track I think is related to the issue that the transmission is having because the transmission never had an issue until this became an issue I'm just curious if anyone has ran into the same thing and had a proper diagnosis to fix it when this code first came up I did have an ABS code and a steering angle sensor code but when I check them after clearing the codes nothing was there even after it came back on with service advance trac. I'm not sure what else anyone would want to know about the vehicle but if you want to ask I will be able to answer I get notifications from this forum.
  2. Hello new to the forum. I was wondering is it possible to have cooled seats as well as heated in my 2014 edge limited? I live in Southwest Florida and a lot of the time out of the year it isn't cold enough to use heated seats so is there a way to get them to cool as well? It doesn't show the option on the dash or touch screen. I do have forscan so if it's an option on there I can change it but would need some guidance on it. Also about that is there a list of actual working modifications for forscan on here that someone can share the link? I'll be able to do all of this myself as soon as I figure the site out.