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    Black transmission fluid

    Good stuff y'all. Keep the answers coming. Now off to start a new topic on the power liftgate...🤷‍♂️
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    Black transmission fluid

    Pictures aren't working...
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    Black transmission fluid

    New Edge owner and new user to the forum. I've had this 2015 Edge Titanium for a week and am starting to do my usual new car routine of changing all the fluids, etc. 2.0 engine, 70k on the odometer. Yesterday's task was changing the trans fluid and PTU fluid. The PTU fluid was dark with a bit of metallic goo on the drain plug. Well within my expectations. The trans fluid came out as black as dirty diesel oil. I was shocked to see this! The good news, if there is such a thing when you're trans fluid is black, was that it did not smell burnt. I've been rebuilding Chrysler transmissions since the early 90's and have smelled too many burnt transmissions. This was not that. So my question for those who are experienced with the internals of this transmission... should I be worried? What are the long term effects of this? I only had enough fluid on hand for 1 change as I was not expecting black. I plan on at least 2 more changes next week, possibly 3, until it comes out red. Quite honestly, the transmission did not shift bad at all which also surprised me given the quality of the fluid. It did have a lazy 2 to 3 shift. Time will tell if new fluid helped with that. I plan on calling the dealer that I bought it from as they did an 88 point check on the car and gave it a clean bill of health. Obviously no one cracked open the check port and actually looked at the fluid. I'm going to try and attach a photo... Thanks for being a community!!
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    New to Ford and Edge

    Hello. I just bought my wife a 2015 Edge Titanium with the 2.0 EcoBoost. She loves the car, and it does seem very nice and well thought out. I'll browse the tech sections for answers to questions I have and try not to re ask the same ones. Cheers! 🍻