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  1. Team, I have a 2012 SEL with the 2.0 ecobost engine. Not too long ago I had to put the car in the shop to have water outlet valve, Coolant Bottle cap and the heater hose (Part-12/99 CT4Z*18C553*) replaced. The vehicle ran great for about a week. Now its slow to accelerate, especially when it warms up. I hooked a code reader up to it and I got the following codes: P0012 P0299 P0012(00) P0299(00) P0012(00) P0299(00) What is the most likely problem and is this something that a DIYer could fix? I'm definitely new to forum sites.
  2. @1004ron I'm actually seeing coolant on the ground in two different locations. Near the firewall and up by the radiator. I just cant see the actual leaks.
  3. @1004ron I actually purchased it like this last year. I brought the car to three different shops because I changed the brakes and shortly thereafter the break pedal would slowly start to go to the floor. The first shop changed out the master cylinder twice but wouldn't touch the heater hose. The second shop changed out the master cylinder a third time but wouldn't touch the heater hose. The mechanic informed me of the heater hose; he said that he did not change out heater hoses on this particular vehicle. The third shop changed out the brake booster and the abs pump; however, none of them wanted to mess with the heater hose. I think I have a crack in my radiator also. All of these shops are licensed and bonded. All LLC. Like real shops. no shade trees.
  4. @1004ron where is the air vacuum pipe located. The serpentine belt is definitely inside out.
  5. How's everybody doing? New to forum sites. I have the 2.0 ecoboost. The heater hose is cracked. Its gotten to the point where I am having to put radiator fluid in it once a week. I want to try and change it myself; however, I cannot find the location of the heater hose. When I googled it, three different hoses showed up. I took it to a local shop and the mechanic told me that the intake has to be removed to change it and that he does not do heater hose changes on that specific vehicle. Does any one have a diagram or anything like that? Also how hard is it to change the radiator.
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    Turbo flutter noise

    Mine has been doing this since I purchased it (used).I couldn't figure out what it was.