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  1. JPJMustang

    New Edge owner

    did you do one? how do you hold all of the shafts in place so the chain (on and off) doesnt move the out of time? thanks for the heads up on the fluids JPJM
  2. JPJMustang

    2009 AWD Ticking on Start

    Have a ticking sound on startup - more often when its cold outside Sometimes it goes away - sometimes not Any ideas? - 180K - thought it might be a hydraulic lifter that take a while to "pump up" JPJM
  3. JPJMustang

    New Edge owner

    Also - how hard to do the chain driven waterpump?
  4. JPJMustang

    New Edge owner

    thanks for the update - Im DYI What gear oil in Rear Diff and PTU? 75w-90, 90w-110? TB
  5. bought a 2009 - the passenger front seat doesnt move what is the easiest way to troubleshoot - would think its the switch initially If so - how do you know the part number? JPJM
  6. JPJMustang

    Lift kit?

    Also Interested - 1.5, 2 or 3 inch has anyone put these on themselves? JPJM
  7. will be taking the Edge to field periodically Can you put a lift on the vehicle? - If so what would you recommend? JPJM
  8. JPJMustang

    New Edge owner

    inherited a 2009 Ford Edge with 160m on it - just had the transmission rebuilt by AAMCO and replaced the valve cover gaskets, rear brakes and both side mirrors - love driving the vehicle