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    Ford Edge Sport - Dies on test drive

    We're still debating the Explorer over the Sport mostly for the 3rd row and cargo room... I prefer the Edge sport styling and seats, but ultimately it's already smaller than what we were originally looking for. Both have their pros and cons... We also wanted to get a thule rack so we can carry our skis and such, but doesnt look possibly with the glass roof. Can always get a hitch one I suppose.. We just need to take an edge and merge it with an explorer and we'd have the perfect vehicle.....
  2. So, we're trying to decide between an Explorer Sport and an Edge Sport... Stopped by a dealer yesterday, and went in for a test drive on a new 2015 Sport.. On first impressions was really disappointing - seemed very slow compared to the Explorer. After filling up with some gas, whipped out onto the main road where the speed is a bit higher, gave it full throttle and it made a lot of noise, some wheezy sound and the check engine light came on immediately... I'm assuming a turbo issue of somesort? Was able to drive it to the dealership, but there was really no power whatsoever... Best part is the salesman said that the engine light was OK and it might be normal and to just keep driving.... doh. Made for sort of an awkward followup after...
  3. What was the build date on your Edge?