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    Hi, Picked up my new '09 Limited AWD last week and so far so good. Well... my battery went dead while I was setting up the entertainment system but at least I was able to test out the roadside assistance and my rotors had to be machined (just enough to remove the rust from sitting I was told) but other than that all is well. I'm located only 20 minutes from the Oakville plant where it was built and my brother was involved with the build. I placed an order in April and it sat at the dealership until last week when the lease on my F150 came due. The site has been very informative and I look foward to using it as a resource during my ownership. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Try this site http://www.dawn-ent.com/install/fe-edge-mkx.htm. It appears to be the instructions you should have received from Sportwing :yup:

    Just a test

    Just a test