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    Liftgate opening on its own

    I have a 2010 Ford Edge Limited with about 7500 miles on it. From day one, we would go out to the garage in the morning to find the lift-gate open. This happened nightly, with very few exceptions. The dealer was unaware of any such problem, and recommended we remove the key fob batteries to eliminate the possibility of a weak key fob battery sending a signal to the vehicle. I did this over a two night period, one key fob at a time - no luck there. I've searched the forum with negative results. We have disengaged the power lift-gate via the Info Center, and as expected, it remained closed throughout the night - every night. This is frustrating because with this disengaged, you can not use any of the interior button to open the lift-gate, although you can still open it with the key fob. I have been putting off going to the dealer due to the inconvenience of doing without our vehicle. So, this morning my wife calls me from work. Says her boss, who purchased a 2010 Ford Edge Limited a few months after we did, is having the same issue. Our problem occurred only at night while parked in the garage. Apparently his is opening during the day while he is out and about. Anyone else having this problem? Called the dealer again this morning, and still no TSB by Ford. Thanks Larry
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    Liftgate opening on its own

    Wow! You make an excellent point. If an external signal caused the lift-gate to open, it would still be opening despite disengagement via message center. That makes perfect sense, and narrows it down. Thanks for the input!