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  1. Original brakes still work fine. Should I change them?
  2. I have a 2010 ford edge with 70k miles. It only gets 18MPG on city driving. Coolant is missing. The coolant resolver is almost empty. Don't see any leaks. Is it a sign of bad engine?
  3. My 2010 Edge has power lifegate. It has been trouble free for 5 years however tonight it won't latch itself. It went down to the bottom then opened itself. It acted like something blocked it but there was nothing to block it. Don't know why. I have to push it down to latch. Any idea?
  4. accent

    broke the oil pan plug

    just took it out. maybe it was the oil, the broken bolt was very lose and I was able to turn it using screw driver and fingernails then took it out using a plier.
  5. accent

    broke the oil pan plug

    I set the torque to 15 lb ft then started turning the plug back to the oil pan. Because the torque wrench didn't click, I kept turning it until I turned the head of the oil drain plug. How to get the broken plug out? Will the extracting tool work?
  6. It was a gps charger which killed my battery. Thanks for the reply!
  7. My battery is dead after 3 years and 20k miles now I'm trying to find out what caused it. I tested the drain with a multimeter. The current was 12amps for the first a few seconds then drops to 2amps. Is it normal?
  8. After I signed the contract, the sales man told me the car alarm system is not included but I do saw it has it during the test drive. He said that system was not part of the deal and if I want it he can sold it to me for $250 and I said NO then he disabled it. After I brought the car back, I checked the wires and I found the system is still in my car and the control unit is in the parking brake area. The part number of the control unit is 769100 0502. Does anyone know who made it and how to enable it?
  9. Thank you for the help. I towed the 5x8 uhual trailer all the way from San Diego to Dallas with no problem.
  10. You are right, bender! I checked fordparts.com and found out that it seems 2010 edge with or w/o towing package have the same trans cooler. The edge with towing package does have a larger radiator. Maybe the trans cooler on my edge is good enough for towing.
  11. I bought the following transmission cooler and will install it on my 2010 Edge. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00029J3WA The manual from the trans cooler suggest me install the add on cooler on the returning hose. There should be two hose connecting the radiatoer and the transmission. Which one is the returning hose? Also, after I install the cooler, what brand and how much transmission fluid should I put into the transmission? Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. I need to take the bumper cover off in order to install a transmission cooler. Any one remove the bumper cover before? How long does it take? TIA!
  13. I'm going to install a hitch and maybe a trans cooler to tow an Uhaul trailer for about 1300 miles using my 2010 Edge. The following two trailers are what I'm interested: http://www.uhaul.com/guide/index.aspx?equipment=trailer-5x8 http://www.uhaul.com/guide/index.aspx?equipment=trailer-5x10 The 5x10 is much heavier but it has a brake. Is the 5x10 safer or the 5x8? TIA!