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    Transmisoin flush at 90,000 miles

    That's mean dealer doesn't flush the transmission? than how do they clean it? I'm worry that flushing at this mileage can cause future problems for transmission. Maybe the safest way will be to change only the fluid?
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    Transmisoin flush at 90,000 miles

    Thanks!! Then which of these two you suggest? 1) Power Purge® and Maintenance Services Help prolong the life of your transmission with a regular flush and fluid change at AAMCO. Our exclusive Power Purge® Plus Transmission Flush & Filter Change is the most comprehensive transmission maintenance service available anywhere. It's the service that is designed to help your transmission shift better and last longer. Much more than just a fluid change, we check and then flush your system clean using our state of the art and patented Power Purge® flush equipment. In all you get: A complete Transmission Multi-Point Inspection check for your transmission Replacement of virtually 100% of your old transmission fluid Removal of dirt, grit and abrasives that can damage your transmission Replacement of the filter or cleaning your screen Replacement of your used pan gasket A thorough check for leaks A complete refill with fresh, clean fluid or 2) Transmission Fluid Change & Maintenance AAMCO offers a low-cost Safeguard transmission fluid change, as well. Let the transmission experts keep your transmission properly maintained to help prolong its life. Like all AAMCO Transmission Maintenance Services, our Safeguard service begins with a complete Transmission Multi-Point Inspection to spot any potential problems. The service includes: Drain transmission fluid and replace with new fluid. Replace filter and fill with fresh, clean fluid. Perform leak check.
  3. Hi, I have 2007 SEL AWD with 90,000. I've never change transmission fluid which I'm going to do now. I need your advice because I heard that it is better to just drain and refill the fluid and not to do a "flush". Is there any truth to this. I'm worry that flush can cause some problems to the transmission with my mileage. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!