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    Hey Guys ok i talked with my Sales Rep and he has processed a bunch of these deals and got the rebates. he told me that if you have taken delivery of the car yet he is confident that he can get the rebate posted. if you want give him a email and see what he can do. the only stipulations he mentioned were you had to be a costco member before Aug or July (sorry forgot which he said) and you need to have put the order in before Nov 2. his name is Dominic Lazzaro and his email is dlazzaro@barrieford.com let me know if that helps anyone Later
  2. Hi All just wanted to share some savings - i ordered my 2010 edge about 3 weeks ago, then recieved a email from Costco Canada that i can get a 1000.00 off of the Edge and other models. so i sent the coupon to my dealer and with a bit of struggle he was able to get me the 1k off of my employee pricing - so im thinking i got a sweet deal and thought i would share heres is the link Costco Ford Deal Later