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    Ticking Dashboard noise

    just got back from the dealer...good news is the tech guy agreed that there is a noise...bad news is they can't locate the problem but the noise seems to definitely be coming from the driver door...they have to wait for the OK from FORD to dismantle the door completely...incidently on my way back home on the highway I was going roughly 110KM/H (60MPh) and heard the noise almost constantly...sounded like a bee buzing...and the noise seem to travel from the side door to the dash.....pretty weird!!!! should get feedback from them tomorrow...keep you guys posted...
  2. maximum

    Ticking Dashboard noise

    Good day to all, I just bought a 2010 Ford Edge limited FWD.... 44 days old and hearing something vibrating in the driver door.....can't really pinpoint where the noise is coming from but it definitely feels like something's loose. Oddly, this noise only surfaces on bumpy roads, i.e if the truck vibrates the noise is present.... getting more and more loud as the days go by.... took it to the dealer 2 weeks ago and luck have it.... the noise was gone.... We have noticed that the noise is more present when we drive at higher speeds (70KM and up)... It's driving me nuts so I called the dealer again and taking it in tomorrow night. I could understand if the truck was a couple of years old but 1 month into it!!!! For the price I paid this vehicle it is unacceptable! Luckily, the dealer seems to be very cooperative and willing to help figuring out the problem.... I will keep you posted as to what they find out....