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    Picked Up My New Edge

    Just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that I picked up my new '10 Edge yesterday and it is unbelievable!! You're turning out a beautiful product there in Oakville and your dedication is appreciated. Thanks so much for this guys...with this being my 2nd Edge, don't think you will get me away from this model in the future. The modifications since the 2007 model are phenomenal and the little things are really noticeable. It's a quieter ride too!!! Be proud of what you built because it matters!!! My husband is from the Talbotville plant so we wish you guys nothing but prosperity and job security in the future!!!
  2. EdgeOwnerx2

    Possible to Locate my New Edge?

    That's a drag...thank you so much for letting me know. Still a great vehicle!!!
  3. EdgeOwnerx2

    Possible to Locate my New Edge?

    Hi There. Ordered a new 2010 Edge on September 30/09 and have the VIN. I can't find the vehicle locator spot on the site so here I am. Can someone possibly find out the status of it? VIN number is 2fmdk4kc3aba63714. You guys are building an awesome product. Bought an '07 and now am getting a '10. Great job guys! Thanks.