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    Real snow usage

    Drove my Edge in our little mid-atlantic blizzard over the weekend. At least 10" on the ground when I left the house. Very sure footed in the unpacked snow on the secondary roads and handled the highway slush confidantly. Probably the best driving vehicle I have owned since my '91 Explorer Sport.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation guys. At least it isn't just me. Amazing though!
  3. mrkadra66

    Dead battery

    Had this happen with my 2008 Mustang last winter in very cold weather with about 20k miles. I changed the battery to a Die Hard and it was perfect afterwards.
  4. Got my Edge a few weeks ago and have only driven at night on familiar roads between home and work so true night visibility wasn't real important. Went out of town over the weekend and was on some curvy back country roads and I thought I was going blind. I could hardly see anything in front of me except with my high beams on. Did a little testing last night with the Edge as compared to my wife's car sitting in the driveway shining the headlights towards our neighbors yard and side of their house. My wife's car would illuminate our side yard, the neighbors side yard and about 30" up the siding on their house. My Edge barely illuminated to the end of our side yard. WOW!! At least now I know I'm not going blind, but find it amazing that the headlamps were set this way. Most likely not adjusted at the factory. I adjusted the headlamps up to match the level that my wife's car illuminated and boy what a difference. Anybody notice anything like this? Thanks, Mark
  5. mrkadra66

    New Edge Owner

    Hi Everybody, I picked up a new '10 Edge last Saturday and wanted to say hi. It's a Dark Ink Blue SEL AWD with the towing and the Sync packages. Driven about 300 miles so far and love it. Been a Ford vehicle driver all my life. Looking forward to reading all the threads on the site. Have a nice holiday! Regards, Mark