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  1. bender

    22' wheels

    You should get ahold of Ford Customer Service and tell them of your dealerships resistance to assist you. The leak will be between the rim and bead of the tire. Remove the tire and put soapy water on the wheel where the tire meets the rim, it will bubble. Do each side. When I have trouble with a service manager I take the problem to thier boss and give them a chance to correct the problem. It usually works.
  2. bender

    Pirelli wheels bead leak issue

    I made a post in another topic about 22s and leaks. In canada Ford has a TSB out to replace any 22" wheels that are leaking, the leaks are due to corrosion around the beads. I had all four wheels replaced by Ford Canada. I can't see why the U.S wouldn't have a similar TSB or I would at least bring it to thier attention about Canadas woes.
  3. bender

    22' wheels

    Rashing the wheel is very easy. I pulled into KFC and touched the curb putting a little rash on the wheel, I joked that it was a 2000 dollar bucket of chicken. Fortunately my wheels were replaced under the service bulletin. With the tire removed you'll easily see the corrosion on the wheel, I suppose it's the only reason why I would want to use nitrogen in my wheels. It might prevent such corrosion, hopefully Ford has rectified the problem. I know it won't happen to me again, I've traded in the Edge in for a 2012 Ford Taurus Sho.
  4. bender

    Nitrogen - 2012 Ford Edge

    Yeah, It came in handy for me last year when some bad guys with guns were giving chase, well I drove into the water and evaded them by sucking the air out of the wheels. Sincerely, Bond, James Bond.
  5. bender

    22' wheels

    Wow, you have no idea what your talking about. Pirelli's are not bad tires nor do they "suck". Ford CANADA has a tsb out on these wheels if they leak, I have had all 4 of my wheels replaced due to corrosion of the finish. I would imagine US Ford would have the same bulletin out.
  6. Your sport is a front wheel drive? In Canada they are only all wheel drive. I bought myself a set of 17 studless winter tires and rims for the winter, this thing is like a mountain goat with these; but next step up would be the studdless tire tech with studs. With the 17's you could run the traction products you want.
  7. bender

    2011 sport hitch

    I would ditch the grade 2 washers and nut for a spacer and get a plate in there as soon as possible. The frame on the edge is like litmus paper and I wouldn't want to be putting loads from towing into concentrated areas of the frame, you can see your washers are bent from tightening the fasteners already.
  8. bender

    Edge wheel bearing troubles

    I'm a little late here but it was done under warranty, that's both rear wheel bearings within 27 000km and a year and a half. Not confidence inspiiring. I'm told they replaced the right trailing arm also.
  9. bender

    Strange Issue with Braking

    Have you had Krown or rustcheck rustproofing done to the vehicle, I had my truck done by one of them and they sprayed thier product onto my rotors. It felt exactly like your describing, I went to the car wash and sprayed them off with soapy water and braking was back to the same way as it was after a few miles of driving, which was lucky; I thought new pads were going to be in order. Tire shine products would also do the same thing if you sprayed them onto the rotors.
  10. bender

    Edge wheel bearing troubles

    It's going back to the dealership next week to get the other rear wheel bearing replaced. It's also getting a checkvalve in the transmission done as well.
  11. I've only got 25 000 km on my Sport and one of the rear wheel bearings is shot, Wtf? This thing has never been on gravel roads and hasn't hit too many potholes I expected more from FORD on quality and reliability. This POS has been in the shop for many months in the year and a half that I've owned it. One problem after another...... Now it's feels like the tranny is losing its drive when accelerating from a stop sign for a second or two, will it never end! Hell my old ford Aerostar with 350.000 km on it only took $400 dollars a year to maintain. Seems as though Ford is going backwards on quality.
  12. bender

    rear noise

    I've got a 2010 sport, I think the brakes are good. I can stop it very quickly.
  13. bender

    2011 Sport problems...

    I tried trading it at the dealer, gave them a very reasonable offer. They wouldn't do it, end result is that I've bought a 2011 Sierra Denali; it would have been a Ford truck if they would have been reasonable. I like the Edge, just wish it wouldn't give me grief. I guess it'll get traded at some point before warranty expires if it doesn't become reliable.
  14. bender

    2011 Sport problems...

    I've got a 2010 edge sport, I do like the vehicle but it's been a shop queen. It's had the entire dash ripped out for a hvac smell, the rear lift gate was rubbing on the bumper, this repair took three attempts the final attempt took a new liftgate. Three out of four wheels leak due to corrosion on the beads, they've never seen winter and are stored in a heated and humidity controlled garage. The red lens fell off the right rear taillight, the windshields crack (ford said it was due to rock chips, if it was they were very very small). It had to be flatdecked into the dealership because the ignition switch fuse kept blowing (a burnt wire under the steering wheel column). Then it's been in a bunch of times for the dealer to fix stuff they damaged during repairs. Ford seems to think this is o.k.
  15. bender

    2011 Edge sport wheels on MKX?

    Who's selling those rims for $1100. Thats a fantastic deal. EDIT: Nevermind I see you bought them from someone who bought aftermarket wheels. You lucked out. I took my 2010 22" wheel in because it was leaking and the shop stated they're 1800 a piece here in Canada.