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    fuel sending unit / fuel pump

    I'm curious about this myself. I was rear ended about 20 months ago. The shop did a great repair job. However, about a month after, my fuel gauge would stick at full or empty intermittently. I put about 3000 miles a week on my 2007 Edge only mostly curvy bumpy roads. On occasion, one of these curves or bumps seems to release to gauge. I can only imaging that the float is damaged or there's a short somewhere. I'm leaning toward short because my tow package electrical hookup blows a fuse everytime I try to plug in a trailer wiring harness. I've been unable to find the short. I was planning on changing out the sending unit this weekend, but your experience with it not solving your problem gives me pause.
  2. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    How To Replace Side Mirror?

    The cover just "pops" off. Just pull on it, or pry it out with a screwdriver. Three are three bullet-shaped pins that fit into some rubber grommets that hold it on. Then you just unscrew three bolts and unplug the power cable. I'm currently looking for a THIRD replacement mirror assembly. Narrow country roads and mailboxes...what can I say. Damn these mirror assemblies are expensive!
  3. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    2007-2009 Service Manual

    Thank you! This was well worth the $10.
  4. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    Heater Core Corrosion Letter

    I did contact Ford Motor Corp, and they were very accommodating and understanding. When I expressed hesitation in returning to the same dealer for repair, they suggested I take the vehicle to another dealer. This made me feel a lot better. You cannot imagine what it is like to have four grown men surrounding you and letting you know how ignorant you are. However, to my chagrin, the next dealer said they had an issue with completing someone else's work. Further, because the heat differential between the driver and passenger side is now gone, regardless that the heat only comes out at 92 degrees, it no longer falls under the symptoms of the corrosion issue and therefore is not under warranty. Back to square one.
  5. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    Heater Core Corrosion Letter

    It turns out, it was even worse. The service director, service manager, and two techs surrounded me and verbally challenged my accusation that they had left parts off. In frustration I exclaimed, "God damn it! Will you let me talk?" "You will not take my lord's name in vain," said the service director. "Get her out of here!" he directed the service manager. "Lady, don't you ever set foot on this property again. Now get out of here!" One tech smirked and sarcastically said, "Have a nice day." It was the single worse customer service experience in my 38 years of life. My heat still isn't working correctly, I am missing parts that had to be removed to perform the repair, and now I have no recourse other than an attorney. Needless to say, I'm fairly upset by it all and could barely drive back to town. FYI: This horrible experience needs to be indexed on the web and associated with the dealership: Ted Russell Ford on 9925 Parkside Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922. Jim Ogle, Service Director, Jamy Tillman, Service Manager, (865) 692-0067
  6. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    2011 Ford Edge Introduced

    I see they've finally put a rubber footrest on the left side of the driver well.
  7. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    Heater Core Corrosion Letter

    Though I would post a follow-up. I ended up having to call Ford customer server and getting the campaign number. Once I gave the number to the local dealership, the said they would take care of it. My son and I went to the dealership to get a toolbag out of my Edge and spoke with the service manager. I asked how long it might take to finish and he told me a couple of days. This was on a Monday. I was leaving on a long road trip on Friday, so I called the guy back on Thursday. They hadn't started. They were waiting on parts. I was aggravated because I had been without a car for a week, but I told him I would pick it up and return when I got back from vacation. A week after I returned I made an appointment and dropped of the car on a Tuesday. I didn't get it back until Friday afternoon just before close. I stopped to fill-up on the way home and my son commented at how loud my radiator cooling fan was. I popped the hood only to find the back of one of the cooling fans was gone and non-operational. Additionally, the plastic decorative cover that goes on top of the engine, the one with Ford and 3.5L stamped on it, was gone. I called back to the dealership to be told that was odd and it had never happened before, but to bring it back in (again) on Monday. Over the weekend I had a two hour trip and was able to observe THAT NOTHING HAD CHANGED. The heat still didn't work right. There is a 10 degree difference between the driver and passenger side and it is still fairly cool.
  8. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    Heater Core Corrosion Letter

    I made an appointment and told the service manager of the problem. He said he'd never heard of such. I took my Edge in this morning and reiterated the problem. I never noticed, but as you described the vent on the right is significantly warmer and the vent on the left is always cool. I relayed the symptoms and my knowledge of heater core corrosion, details from this forum, and that a TSB existed on this issue. Four hours later, I have him on the phone. He told me that there would be a significant cost involved because my car is out of warranty. This time I requested that he check the OASIS system and to please call me back. It is frustrating that I have to be so determined.
  9. Carla J Aldridge Lewis

    Heater Core Corrosion Letter

    With the exception of marketing letters from the dealership, I've never received any correspondence from Ford about my 2007 Edge. Looking at a list of TSB for the 2007 Edge, I noticed that I have taken my vehicle in for service on every one of those items and not once did the dealership ever disclose a TSB for those issues. In fact, I had to fight to get my car fixed over the transmission starting out in 4th, or pulling to the right, and several other items. As for my Edge rolling backwards on an incline without the brake applied (TSB 20003), I was never able to convince them to fix that. As a matter of fact, they told me that's how all Fords were and I needed to get used it. So now, that my heat has stopped working effectively, and I have 97000 miles on the Edge, I have my doubts that I can convince the local dealer to repair (or flush) mine at no charge. Does anyone have a copy of this "Heater Core Corrosion Letter" they could scan and post so I would have some ammo to take with me. It's freaking COLD right now, and after Christmas, I don't want to empty my pockets again for something like this unless I have to. Let me clear one thing up though. I absolutely love my Edge. Every time I get into it, it is a joy do drive. It is by far the most favored car I have ever owned. If it weren't for the service monkeys around here Ford would stand a lot higher. Thanks, Carla