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temperature issue - changes temp while driving

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Hi there,

I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL that I've owned for just over a year and as of yesterday had no issues.

Last night while I was leaving work I turned my car on to warm up - put the front and rear defroster on with the temperature set at around 28 degrees and also had the driver heated seat on. About 10 minutes into driving all of a sudden my car set its temperature to LO and the fan was full blast blasting cold air (not good when its -15 or so out..) I tried to change the temp and it wouldn't let me or when i turned it off it turned itself back on - after a minute i was able to turn it off. I just thought it was a fluke and about 5-10 minutes later i turned the heat back on and continued to drive - it happened again about 15-20 minutes later - phoned my dad and he advisednto leave it for a bit again then turn it on to about 24.5. (I also was unable to use buttons on center console.. only the touch screen or the steering wheel control settings and when going through an episode it would "fight" me when changing temperature.. id press up on steering wheel itd only change for a second then it would start reducing again) it happened once more on my drive home. (Not sure if maybe weather had anything to do with it - high winds and blowing snow.).This morning I started my car (it was set at LO) and it wasnt letting me press the buttons on the console still until i pressed different ones and then it let me use the heat settings and was able to increase. Naturally i thought maybe the lower temperature button may have been stuck. I went to a two different stores turning the car off then back on once i returned and it was fine untilten minutes after i left the second store it dropped back down to LO again but didnt have issues with me changing the setting.

Before I take it in i wanted to see if anyone has had this issue or if anyone knows what is going on with my ford edge?


Thanks in advance!!

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