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'08 Ford Edge SE -- Questions for mods?


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I wasn't sure where to put this (since there are a few mod forums) but I figured I'd start here and maybe you guys could help or point me in the right direction (I'm simply not finding it on my own).


I want to do some mods to a 2008 Ford Edge SE model, but it was the base model so I know there's some stuff missing. Adding fog lights, I know, I'll also have to add the wiring harness, that's a no brainer.


But other stuff vexes me like adding "switchback" LEDs, how do I know that my Edge can even utilize them? I keep seeing them used in 2011 and newer Edges but haven't found a post where someone added them to a 2008 SE. I'd also like to add some things that mine didn't come with like puddle lights. There are cutouts that are filled in on the mirrors for puddle lights, but in order to add them does anyone have any suggestions what I should do?


I guess I just want some of the nicer functionality that the SEL models have in my SE since I'm inheriting it from my wife to replace my aging Impala. All the mods listed below that are (lacking) are ones I can't find a lot of information on for my year and model type. Can anyone shine some light?


Mods I want to perform:


Plasti-Dip rims (found tons of resources) (good to go)

Plasti-Dip Grille (found tons of resources) (good to go)

Add Switchback turnal signal lights (lacking)

Replace all bulbed lights with LED replacements (lacking)

Retrofit HIDs for high and low (this seems like a no-brainer given the resources on this forum) (good to go)

Add a cargo rack (easy peasy since I have roof rails already) (good to go)

Add lighting for the center console and glovebox (good to go)

Wire an inverter in the rear of the vehicle (I can handle doing this since I did the same in the Impala already) (good to go)

Add fog lights (which are completely different than the ones I keep seeing on the forums since they're horizontal and not that vertical slit). (lacking)

Add a bull bar and LED lightbar to the front for extra light when I'm the only one on the road in the deep dark (good to go)

Add nerf bars (good to go)

Add a rear bumper bull bar (good to go)

Add a hitch (good to go)



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