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Transmission throwing P0741 and P1744


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My 2018 Edge produced the check engine light along with the yellow wrench icon recently.  Checked the DTC codes and I'm getting P0741 and P1744, both related to TCC solenoid.  Local Ford dealer wants "approximately" $7000 to repair.  AAMCO quotes $7500 for remanufactured transmission, $7500 to repair the existing transmission, and $6700 for a used transmission (39K miles on it).  The AAMCO quotes appear to be "approximate" as well, don't have them in writing yet.  2-4 weeks to get the remanufactured transmission (which keeps me in a rental car longer).  3-4 days to repair.  12 month/12,000 mile warranty for both remanufactured and repair. 


Never thought AAMCO would come in higher than the dealer - I'm disappointed.  AAMCO has the car at the moment, and I need to decide what to do.  I doubt I'll ever do business with AAMCO again, but I will for sure be seeing the dealer.  I had to pay $1000 to AAMCO for the diagnosis, which will be applied to the final bill (remanufactured, repair or used). 


I could take to a different Ford dealer but not sure it's worth the effort.  Anyone else had these error codes before?  Any advice would be appreciated.  

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It seems no shop wants to just fix the problem, perhaps due to liability concerns (something else goes wrong with the transmission after the repair, and the customer rightly gets very upset).  They all want to replace lots of internal parts, or else replace the whole thing.  Unfortunate.  


I see quite a bit of chatter online with regard to these error codes for the Ford Edge transmission.  Wonder if class action litigation could be a possibility......

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