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dvd/cd shop manual


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Good Luck!


If you find one (What happened to "Clymer" ?)


If you find one, give it to your dealers shop. They don't really seem equipped for this !


Maybe, if you find one, it will help you set-up all those features we are trying to use.


On a GOOD side, I just walked into the car. with a 6 year old Motorola cell phone with "voice dial", and it just "sucked in" all the data and can dial hands free and in your purse or pocket.


The iPhone 3 and it did the same thing. Now I can voice dial - when it wouldn't do this in my hand!!!


Now, if only I could figure out the Navigation. Seems only to accept street addresses, and won't give you any guidance when my cel phone app "Where's My Car" let's me "drop a flag", name it, and a voice command sets your route, to your "pin" at your destination. If you go there often, you would want a simple destination name for all the input one might need. happy%20feet.gif



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