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How to remove steering wheel control buttons?

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Anybody know if it's possible/feasible/logical to remove the steering wheel control buttons? Apparently the previous owners of my '08 Edge SEL spilled something on the steering wheel, and the Media and Phone buttons are hard to operate. In cold weather, you practically have to punch the buttons to get them to work. The electronics are fine, it's just the actual feel of the button that's messed up; almost as if there's hard rubber under the buttons.


The dealership I purchased from looked at the buttons, and the best case scenario would be that a repair would be covered under the extended warranty, which has a $100 deductible. If not, I'd have to pay in full, which is a couple hundred bucks. Before I do any of that, I'd much rather pop off the buttons and see if I too could take some rubbing alcohol and clean the mess. I'm just not sure if the buttons simply pop off.

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