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loud bang while driving 80 mph - HELP!


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I posted this yesterday but no one has picked it up yet. Is there anyone who may know if this is somehow related to the power train? The sound was more of a loud bang and the car jolted as if I had been rear-ended while driving full speed. I read a different post yesterday from someone who described this same exact thing in their Ford Edge while driving between 40-65 mph. The mileage on both vehicles is also similar - 49,500. This person ended up taking theirs to a mechanic 7 times before being told it was the power train that needed replacing and at that point, they had just crossed over 60,000 miles, making the warranty void. I do not want to be in that same predicament if that is the problem I'm facing!! Can someone please help?



I need some help and advice, please! I was driving on the Interstate last week, going approx. 80 mph, when all of a sudden, there was a thud/thump sound from my car. No engine lights came on and the car didn't drive any different after this noise. It felt like there was a sudden interruption in the motor... ??? I told my friend about it - her husband works on Fords - so she relayed the information. Still not sure what it is, but it happened again today while she was with me.


Has anyone had this problem??? Please tell me it's not my transmission going out. I bought the car used last July so I don't have a whole lot of history with the car.


Someone help!!!



- Susan

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