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Anti-Lock / traction Control LTS

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Hello all,

Well I tried to detemine what was causing my traction control / anti -lock brake icons to illuminate constantly and starting at the same time. First, I tied to loacte the ABS module and harware under the hood. I wasn't going to reach it from the front, let alone without removing the battery, etc. I knew it had to be a sensor, but which one of the four? I jacked it up and inspected each sensor around the vehicle. I remove each one from the bracket, but no signs of damage or broken wires. I thought I could reach the module and discoonect each one until the lights went out. The sensor leads go in and out of the body, so tracking wasn't going to happen.


I took it to the dealer we purchased it from (Webb Ford, Highland, Indiana) and had them inspect / diagnois the problem. I was right, the R/R sensor was bad. How did they locate it so quickly? They have a break out box, and I don't. Fortunately the repairs only came to about $250.00. Considering the dianostic service was $110.00, why pay that fee while they have it in the air and can re-check the repair.


Like the next guy or girl, I enjoy working on my own cars ( I own 7) and hate to shell out money onsomething I believe I can repair. Unfortunately on newer cars that option is decreasing with all the electronics and packing everything in tight. But thaen, considering the aggravation I may of gotten in to find the part, and Ford stands behind the repair, the cost was pretty nomonal. So for now, except tune ups, oil changes, and flat tires, my Edge will be taken tare of the Ford boys and girls if I cannot locate the problem immediately. Thought all of you would like to know this. :)

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