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New (to me) 2010 Ford Edge owner


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I'm a new (to me) 2010 Form Edge owner. I have the SEL Cinnamon color and am enjoying learning about all the smart features that Ford includes.


So far I love it. I have a Motorola Droid (1st gen) phone, and realized that I can't use the Text feature in the Nav pane.


I am due to update my phone and wondered what Verizon phone would allow text to speech. I have looked at the list of compatible phones, and it seems that Verizon only has two that allow the Text/SmS feature. Is this a Verizon issue?


I've read some of the comments in the forum, and some indicate that the new Gingerbread isn't always compatible with Sync.


Is there an app that any one is using to work around this problem?



I hope I posted this in the correct area of the forum.

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