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Thats all it took to smoke the the guy in his new Range Rover Sport SVR. They are rated at 4.4 zero to 62 mph . But 5.1 was all I needed.

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Those Rover owners probably don't know to turn off Trac!  I dispatched an X5 40i (the 3.0 twin turbo 335 hp, not the 465 hp 50i).   That model X5 rated at 5.3, but I think that includes the .3 rollout, so probably more like 5.6, and my tune gets consistent 5.2 0-60s on dragy.  

It is fun besting  ~$60K-$70K cars with something MSRP ~$45K (tho I pounded the dealer for weeks and got mine for $35.6K)

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I have a tune by Granatelli Motor Sports located in Oxnard Ca. And yes it is fun to best a car that costs twice as much. 

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