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  1. I would not worry too much about that . The law is clear, if you do mod a car from OEM and something happens to it. The mod has to be the reason of the problem for them to deny service. For example you put a K&N filter in the car and the seat warmer stops working. The two are unrelated and the seats would still be under warranty. Though the dealer may say different ( I doubt it ) in a attempt to side step their responsibility. It is always best to remove any tune before taking the car to the dealership,. the more miles you put on after you remove the tune the better, and the harder for the dealer to find. I have heard that 100 miles buries the tune deep enough that it is not easily directed.
  2. I have seen a few of the new electric Mustang crossovers around, but yesterday I saw the GT version, with a stated 3.5 seconds to 60mph for the first time. It was brand new with paper plates and it pulls up next top me at a light . Now I know that my cars best time is 4.3 seconds to 60mph and also I know I was outgunned. I was not expecting it but when the light changed, he took offhand so I give chase just to see what he has. To put it in racing terms he treed me big time and had a two car jump before I even reacted. I fully expected him to walk away from me , but to my surprise I started to close on him before we both let off around 50 mph. Now I wonder if those stated times that Ford brags about translate onto the street. If we had started together it would have been very very close. and a 4. 5 or 4.3 is not even close to a 3.5. Oh! forgot this happened in Mexico.
  3. Xtra

    Wider tire than stock on 21" rims

    I am interested in the results after it is lowered with the 295s all around. What is the diameter of your exhaust system?
  4. Xtra

    Wider tire than stock on 21" rims

    As I remember, someone here at the forum did put 295/35 R21 tires on his OEM rims and reported that they fit. There was nothing said about long term use . Although the 295/35 R21tires do fit they are not recommended for use by the manufacture on 9 inch wide rims, like the OEM 21 inch ones on Sports.The 295/35 R21 tire will be 1/2 inch wider on the inside and outside for a total of one inch wider overall, same sidewall and overall hight and diameter as the 265/40 R21 OEM tire.
  5. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    It won't be long now . They still need drilling, cutting, and finishing, but I hope to have some shipped by the end of next week. CF ABS
  6. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Just got a call from the plastic shop saying that they finished a run of V2s, 4 ABS and 5 CF . Probably won’t get much done this week, as it is short with Thanksgiving and all, but good news is V2 s are back in stock and available.
  7. Decided to check out the clearance on the battery tray. In the photo is an H6 battery. The H6 is 10.94 L X 6.89 W X 7.48 T. The H7 is 12.40 L X 6.89 W X 7.48 T . The only difference is H7 is 1.46 inch longer than the H6. The clearance between the H6 and the V3 is right around 1.5 to 1.75 inch. It will be a super tight fit but it looks like the H7 battery will work with the V3. We will find out for sure in a few weeks.
  8. There is a fair amount of interest in the V3, but nothing that Afe or K&N need to worry about. One is still available at this time.
  9. This is what the patch coves, and why the bottom half is cut the way it is. The V3 uses every bit of space, it is touching on the bottom, and on the right side of the photo, a fuse box? There is only a small gap between the snorkel, and it is pushing the limits on attaching the accordion hoses as well. See how they extend into the Bottom Half, there is still room needed for the Reducer Elbows to attach them. Somehow it fits.
  10. Xtra

    Reverse Light Upgrade

    Are these are sealed units, and if the bulb burns out you have to replace the entire assembly lens, bulb, and all ?
  11. Attached the gate to the Adaptor and the clips to hold the top in place. There is a large gap that will require some work on the mold to correct. The gap can be seen just in front of the gate under the elbow reducers. The thicker material looks like it will work and be strong enough to do the job. The Adaptor is still in the prototype stage It is my hope that this is the answer for the ST. The mold will have to be modified to correct the problem. From top to bottom 1. The V3 lid and filter . 2. The Adaptor Plate, and at the bottom 3. the top of the OEM bottom half.
  12. The flex hose just arrived so I did a test fit. I test fit every part to be sure that the V3 will install with no surprises. The aluminum tube still needs to be sealed with RTV before I can say the fabrication is done on the lid.
  13. Polishing before installing Inside view after rivets are in Riveted in place, but still need to seal it with the Black RTV then give it a final clean up before it is done. .
  14. The tubing is cut to shape and length, ready to be test fit. Test fit looks good, next is to polish and rivet it into place. Because the lid is a cosmetic piece i use bubble wrap on the table for protection.
  15. The jig assembly is aligned, up and down, right and left, and in and out. it is double checked then checked again .. then finally drilled. Success a clean hole drilled. Here the tube is trimmed and fitted ready to be cut to length and riveted in place.