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  1. Xtra

    2016 Edge sport 2.7l oil leak

    scorpionking102 Yes there is a problem with the oil pan. I also have a 2016 Sport and have had this problem. My dealer says it is because of the different expansion rates of the two materials plastic and aluminum. As they heat and cool it loosens the RTV sealant used on the pan . There is no "O"ring or gasket just a beed of RTV. The first time I came in for a fix they just covered the outside of the pan with great gobs of RTV . It looked like heck and only lasted a couple months . The second time they replaced the pan and so far no leaks . As for an aluminum pan I believe that is one way to go for a permanent fix, but as far as I know there are none available . Ford needs to address this before a class action is taken. It is not right that a car in these modern times leaks anything. Hey Ford it is not 1950 !!
  2. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    The camera just records their actions at that moment in time and I have no way of blocking out the plates, I would if I could. All it takes is one mistake no matter the reason, distracted or tuckered out. One of my videos helped solve an argument with the Insurance Co. over who was at fault in a crash. It was a video just like the ones I posted above except there was contact.. the fellow lying had to eat some crow on that one and the other person was vindicated.
  3. I do not think there are any available . The rear end would require some extensive mods in order to accept adjustable coil overs. If you are looking to lower the car and add performance go with the H&R springs, ADDCO rear Stabilizer bar, Strut Tower X Brace and a set of summer tires. I have them all on my car and I love them . Last weekend I ran with the Mercedes club in the canyons . There was a AMG GT and some other AMG modified Mercedes. I had no problem keeping up with the pack . There was a Charger and a 911 behind me that had problems keeping up. If the Porsche was in front of the Charger I am sure he would have had no problem . The Ford Edge Sport & ST are amazing machines.
  4. I have a 2016 Sport and it came with a dual horn but only one horn was working. I just replaced it with a new OEM dual horn for $25 and about 20 > 30 min work. It was super easy thanks to 9mmbullitt's great instructional video.
  5. Here are some photos of the Bugatti.An amazing car for 1991. 600hpV12
  6. Went to a car show over the weekend and saw this super rare all carbon Bugatti EB110 SS.
  7. 9 -11. Pepperdine University remembers.
  8. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    This is sad, Kevin Hart had a bad accident with his new 700+ HP car and it happened not that far from where I live . I drove past the crash site on Sunday and by the looks of it he gave it some throttle the tires broke loose and it was like skating on ice. There are many videos of this happening on you tube but this time someone was injured. 700HP is no joke and it takes getting use to. Get well soon Kevin you are in our payers.
  9. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    It is illegal to make a U turn on this Boulevard and I had to come to a complete stop to avoid a fender bender .
  10. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    Moved from : What have you done to . Just out for a leisure Sunday drive when this happened. Turned out she was visiting from England.
  11. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    Moved from: What have you done to. Recorded a very close call with my dash cam yesterday. This driver ran a red light and just missed being broadsided by a city bus. It was a matter of inches to a bad T-Bone crash.
  12. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    Guess this guy needed a drink.
  13. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    As I understand when in the carpool lane with a white line on my side it means that I can exit the lane . The double yellow line means you cannot enter the carpool lane. This guy in the white truck has other ideas. He was behind us two lanes over and had to speed up to catch us.
  14. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    This happened last year on my way to Galpin Ford. It appears that this gentleman has a problem with my skin color. No big deal until he said he was going to shoot me. Turn up the volume to hear his rant.
  15. Xtra

    Bad Driver Videos

    This happened last month, lucky for me I was not hit by the iron bar. I was afraid of being rear ended after my stop so I punched it to get back up to highway speed.