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  1. Nice ride, thanks for the photo. All you have to do is resize the photos and the site works great.
  2. How about a couple good photos. It sounds like it is a nice ride.😎
  3. Thanks so much for your support over the years. Though I have ideas of what I would like to do next. I doubt that it will happen.
  4. I am sold out of the V3 CAI. I have quit making them for now. There is still one remaining Ram Air V2 in carbon fiber. PM me for more info.
  5. Hey Xtra,


    do you still have any of the radiator/air intake lids available for sale? 

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    2. TylerAxis88


      Yes, I am interested!! 

    3. TylerAxis88


      Yes, I am interested!! Just send me a PayPal link or whatever you use for payment! If you have it- it’s sold! Do you still have your edge?

    4. TylerAxis88


      Hey Xtra,


      Do you know if you still have that product available?

  6. I want to thank all of you for your support and positive feedback. I hope that everyone enjoyed watching the development and implication of the V3 CAI. I decided to stop making them because of the high cost to make them. I have kept my price the same for years now. The pre-covid price is the same as now., but as everyone knows the price of everything has increased a lot in the last few years. I buy in bulk to save, and with this last batch I had to restock on a lot of the items. I posted a photo of a large pile of boxes that contained the parts needed to restock. As I have said in the past this is a hobby for me, and I am happy as long as it does not cost me anything to make them ....break even. But on this last run I lost money and it has become necessary to increase the price just to break even. As many now find the price of a V3 to be excessive, the cost of the V3 is just under $400, and I would have to increase the price to keep going , I have decoded to just stop and call it quits. When you add in the high cost of shipping and PayPals fees. It is just too much for me to ask for any price increase.. While aFee has improved their intake, the V3 with Aux Air is still the king and nothing out there outflows it. Sometimes it is best to stop when still on top. I have two remaining Carbon Fiber V2 Ram Air Intakes available at a discount. I will stop making the CF V2 for the same reason, the price of materials has increased too much to continue with them . I might continue with the ABS V2 as I can still maintain a good low price on them and keep them affordable. It depends upon the demand if I do another run of V2 or not. Thanks again, Xtra.
  7. Going out of business sale. There is one remaining V3 in stock ready to go. This is the last one that I will ever build. Everything is polished even the rivets and clamps. PM me for more info. @ Below cost to make
  8. OMG that's hot!!! 118 * @ 4 in the afternoon.
  9. The correct size elbow came in and the Elbow Reducers are ready to weld and polish.
  10. I like it!!!... Looking good. One of the great advantages of coil overs is the adjustability. Ride height , rebound. different weight and type springs. You can fine tune your suspension with coil overs, ride soft or firm, ride high or low with hundreds of combos. . Most people use the coil overs to set the ride height, and lower the car. But there is so much more that can be done. One of the better things that can be done no matter how you set it up is to weigh the car. By using 4 car scales you can sit in the car and balance the car left to right and front to back. By adjusting the shocks you can add or remove weight on a tire. It is standard practice on race cars to set them up this way, and is part of the alignment process. It makes a huge difference in how the car handles.. Scales are available on Amazon from just over $100 for the budget minded to professional sets that cost over $1,000
  11. I have been busy the last few weeks with charity work and now that the 4th is over , I am back to work on the V3 as promised. I ran into a glitch when cutting the Reducer Elbows. I was shipped the wrong size 45* elbow and I did not realize it until I had made the first cut. Now I will have to reorder a new 45* elbow before I can proceed. The competed 30* elbow ready to weld. I have made the adaptor rings for both Elbows and after I cut the 45* elbow I did a test fit..And this is what I saw. Not good, I did not need this setback as I already had to stop work for a few weeks. I thought that I would do the fab today and the welding and polishing tomorrow. Ship by Friday . Now after posting this I will reorder up the new Elbow, and finish after they arrive.
  12. More parts came in, as the finished V3’s went out.
  13. Was able to get a couple V3 shipped today. The rest will go out later this week. Will be contacting the members receiving these later tonight or tomorrow with tracking and expected delivery date.
  14. Thanks I appreciate the props. And feel for your Lincoln lol.
  15. Final assembly of the V3 with Aux Air Intake ready to install. Should be shipping by next Monday.