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  1. Xtra

    Will Tire rotation need TPMS reset?

    Agree, the same on my 2016 Sport. The TPMS know where they are located and nothing needs to be done, even when replacing all the tires with new ones. It's completely automatic and that video is not for your car.
  2. Xtra

    The fastest Ford Edge in 1/4 mile

    Be sure to turn off the traction control.
  3. Xtra

    The fastest Ford Edge in 1/4 mile

    Yes all of that plus a Turbosmart BOV, Reische 170* Tstat, RamFab cold side pipe, BBK 65mmTB and air intake mods W/ aFe filter.
  4. Xtra

    Reason Exhaust Tips Don't Extend Further

    The ST looks good from the back. 2019-Ford-Edge-ST-15.jpg.jp2 2019-Ford-Edge-ST-rear-1.jpg.jp2
  5. Xtra

    Reason Exhaust Tips Don't Extend Further

    To install the tips on a Sport the chrome bezels have to be removed. Not sure on the ST if removal of the bezels will help or not
  6. Xtra

    Reason Exhaust Tips Don't Extend Further

    Some of us have added quad tips to extend the exhaust pipes. The tips can be installed on stock or aftermarket exhaust systems. As far as I know no one has done this to an ST yet. These are 3inch tips in the photo. I swapped them out for 3 1/2 inch tips and they look much better. 3 1/2 inch quad tips are what I recommend if you decide to do this. There is a thread on this subject here someplace for more info
  7. Xtra

    Reason Exhaust Tips Don't Extend Further

    It is normal on DI engines like the EB for a dry black soot to collect on the exhaust tip.
  8. Xtra

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    The I Lve my 2016 Edge Sport . It is faster and handles way better than my 6.6L Trans Am ever did. It is quicker than my 1965 C10 with a custom built big cam high performance 350, rock crusher trans and huge Mickey Thomson’s . It has more luxuries than any car I have ever owned and it runs like a fine Swiss watch. What is not to like ?
  9. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    "Necessity is the mother of invention"
  10. HAhahah LOL 2013 . Man, I have to talk to my Doc about adjusting the meds.
  11. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Trimmed to shape and covered with bondo it is ready to sand, paint and install. Although the finish is not perfect it fits well and works with the grill mods I already have. Been using it for a couple months now and it is better than stock according to my butt Dyno .. LOL , and will continue to use it . Now all I need is a " SS intake " Thats the snmjim & Special_K intake recently developed and I will have a complete system.
  12. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    The idea of this is to allow more volume under the sight shield for better air flow. After I covered the clay with aluminum foil and extended the edges with foam core, clear packing tape covered the entire thing as the release agent. Several layers of fiberglass cloth and mat were then applied.
  13. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Although I posted the finished project in another thread I thought I would follow up with what I started here . This is the clay after shaping. I made sure the hood would close and used small worms of clay to check hood clearance. You can see where the closed hood smashed the worms and how much space I have left. I did this every inch across the entire form.
  14. Hello Bob C I was wondering what year, engine and model Edge you have? This info will help others that are interested in this TB mod.