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  1. Xtra

    Track Time Results

    HA HA limping to a 12.29 world record. Wow !!! When you get the bugs out your monster could be in the 11 second range . I never thought in a million years that an Edge could do that unless it was a dedicated trailered race car. Do you know how much boost you are making?
  2. Xtra

    Track Time Results

    OMG!!! 12.29 that is way fast for any type of car, for a Crossover that's just insane fast. Congratulations on a new world record , your hard work has paid off . Awesome job !
  3. Xtra

    Mustang SUV

    The official launch date is November 17th – At that time we'll have full details, including the model name, trim levels, pricing, charge range, etc. It's all quite exciting, and very top secret, so at this time all we have to share are rumors and assumptions.
  4. Xtra

    ST at race track

    Please don't confuse what happened in the video., all my comments are about what happened in the video . The Vette spun out and the ST drove away from it therefor smoking it. In another time or place the Vette would smoke the ST but in this video it did not happen that way. If it was the last lap of a race it would have been Lambo First, ST Second and the Vette in Third place. I am not saying anything like the ST is faster than a C6 Vette. Never said that. Just talking about what happened in the video. I posted the C1 through C3 Vette 1/4 mile times just for comparison. How amazing that a 2.7L SUV is as fast as a Big Block C3 LS6 solid lifter 454 with a 4 speed @13.8 seconds. And the ST gets much better MPG.
  5. Xtra

    ST at race track

    Just where did I say that?
  6. Xtra

    ST at race track

    The 2019 ST Dragy time slip at the top of this page says it ran a 13.84 1/4 mile . My 2016 Sport runs 12.9 The ST would smoke a lot of the Corvettes of the muscle car era. Here are some Corvette ETs that car magazines reported from their road tests: 1. Motor Trend tested a 1964 model 327 / 375 hp fuel injected with 4.11 gears and turned a 14.2 @100 2. Road & Track, 1964 model 327 / 300 hp automatic did a 15.2 e.t. 3. Car and Driver, 1965 model 327 / 350 hp and 3.36 gears got 14.9 4. Road & Track tested a 1965 model 396 / 425 hp with 3.70 gears and complained about wheel spin and turned a 14.1 5. Motor Trend, 1967 model 427 / 435 hp with 3.55 gears did 13.8 @ 104 mph. 6. Car and Driver 1967 model 427 / 435 hp got 13.6 @ 105. EDIT: 7. C&D, R&T and MT did 4 tests on 1966 and 1967 427 / 425 hp and the average of those were 13.53 @ 107.6 mph. 8. Car and Driver 1968 model 427 / 400 hp did 14.1 @ 102 9. Car and Driver 1971 model (GM mandated lowered compression beginning with this year) 350 LT1 making 330 hp with a 4 speed and 3.70 gears hustled down the strip at a 14.57 @ 100.55 10. Car and Driver 1971 model LS6 solid lifter 454 / 425 hp with double-disc clutch & 4-speed turned a 13.8 at 104.65 with 3.36 gears. EDIT: #11. See post later in this thread re the L88. 11. Car Life, model 1969 L88 427 / 430 hp, 3.36 gears, automatic, 14.101 @ 106.89 and top speed of 151 mph.
  7. Xtra

    ST at race track

    The reason the Corvette spun out is the driver was trying to keep up and did not have the skill to do so. Regardless he spun out trying to hang with the ST. So in my book the ST smoked him.
  8. Xtra

    It's an Epic tale!

    My brother has a red P4 replica for sale if anyone is interested. PM me for info.
  9. Xtra

    ST at race track

    This video shows just how much fun the ST is and how it lapped for 40 min flat out without overheating. The Edge ST runs down a Miata and a Corvette spins out trying to keep up.
  10. I believe LMS has 87,89,91 and 93 tunes available in both performance and towing . As I understand “aggressive” is in reference to how the car shifts. Also do not use a performance tune to tow anything.
  11. Xtra

    MACT oil sample testing series

    Macbwt, I found this video that you might find interesting . In these tests Amsoil and Pennzoil Platinum fight it out for top spot over many of the brands you have tested . The Pennzoil is recommended in this video for DI use over the Amsoil. I find your series of videos to be be interesting, informative, educational and entertaining so keep up the good work. Your thoughts on this video and if it is in line with your findings would be appreciated.
  12. Xtra

    2015 Edge oil pan issues

    Here is the notice sent out by Ford on how to do a proper oil pan fix. Apr 25 2018 6410 - 2014-2019 Various Vehicles - Equipped with a 2.7L and 3.0L GTDI Engine - Oil Pan Leak. Some Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with a 2.7L or 3.0L EcoBoost engines may exhibit an oil leak from the engine oil pan RTV seal. Replace the oil pan by performing the published Workshop Manual (WSM) service procedures. 1. After removing the oil pan, it is suggested to allow the crankcase to drain overnight ** to minimize the chance of residual oil contaminating the crankcase sealing rail. 2. Remove all traces of old RTV, clean the engine sealing surface with only Motorcraft® Metal Brake Parts Cleaner then wipe with Motorcraft® Metal Surface Prep Wipes, and allow to air dry as directed in WSM, Section 303-00, RTV Sealing Surface Cleaning and Preparation. 3. If possible, after the new oil pan is installed, allow the new RTV sealant to cure for 4 hours *** before refilling the engine with oil. Ford is investigating this concern. Monitor OASIS for future updates. ** This is very important. It is an easy job, you just have to take the time to do it correctly. *** On my car the RTV was allowed to cure overnight before oil was added . I have had no problems or leaks.
  13. Xtra


    Should be on the cover of a magazine. Looking good!
  14. Xtra

    Mustang SUV

    CAD Renderings of the Ford Mustang Inspired SUV Leaked