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  1. I just received a letter from a California law firm. The 2015-2018 Edge, 2017-2019 Escape, and 2017 - 2019 Fusion 1.5L and 2.0L Ecoboost can have a defect that can cause coolant loss, white exhaust smoke, misfires, check engine light, and engine overheating. If you have had two trips to the Ford dealer to fix the problem you may be entitled to a complete refund of the money you originally paid for the car!!! This is only possible because of California's Lemon Law. I had no idea that there was even a problem with these cars. I love my EcoBoost.
  2. Those should work well. I have used similar air bags before when I towed a boat with one of my past cars. I ran an air hose between them and filled them both from one tire type valve that was mounted below the bumper. It worked well and towed much better . I was able to level the ride and keep the headlights on the ground, as before they pointed up at the sky. I also used a clip-on towing mirror for the drivers side. For $100 you can’t go wrong 😑.
  3. Put together a short video of work on the prototype V3. It is still wrapped in tape to protect it, and is covered in dust. Soon I will have complete brand new V3 to make a better video with.
  4. Have you noticed any difference in the Edge or Mustang's power, milage, smoothness at idle, cruising or acceleration after installing the new NGK Ruthenium HX plugs ? Nice job with the photos, explanation of a new product and the tools needed.
  5. The plastic shop is going to CNC the clips and latches. This should speed up assembly and the parts should look much better than the hand made prototypes. They are also going to mold 4 V3 to get started. I am using this run to determine the price. I am trying to be price competitive with major manufactures and offer a better product at a better price.
  6. Comparison of stock and V3 . The V3 can move much more air with less restriction than OEM, and offers both dry disposable and wet/oiled washable filters. Replacement filters are available online and just a click away..
  7. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    There’s 5 Black ABS and 4 Carbon Fiber V2 available.
  8. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I am sitting on what is left of what could be the last run of V2s that there may ever be. It is looking like everyone who wanted a V2 has one. As I cannot afford to do a run for only one order these very well may be the last V2s to be made. This is especially true of the Carbon Fiber ones. The only way I would do another run is if there was enough demand. And demand is very low right now. In the future, unless the demand picks up and I can do a run, I can and will make one V2 at a time but . ..The cost of set up $65, and loss of group pricing, will drive up the price of making one at a time. So I can say with confidence that you will never see prices this low on the V2 ever again. If you are thinking about getting a V2 then best to act now. I am not a salesman. This is not a gimmick. It is just how things are right now. I am telling you all this because I want the V3 project to be realized, and it has stalled out just when it was ready for production. I thank everyone again for you support. PM me if you want one of possibly the last V2.
  9. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    There are still V2 available from a run I did back at the end of February . I tied up hundreds of dollars in the CF material and hundreds more vacuum forming them. I need to sell them to recover. the investment. The $15 off represents the pure profit I make on them. The rest of the mark up on them is to cover expendables. The plastic shop needs to be paid for the V3 I ordered and I am short. I have to sell at least one V2 to cover the difference. If I did not have this V3 project everything would be cool 😎, but I am stressed and have over extended myself. If I cannot sell at least one V2 the V3 project will stall out . Someone please step and get a great deal and help launch the V3. I am so desperate that the next person to buy a V2 will receive a very special discount on the V3 . I thank you all for your support.
  10. New cars like the Edge have lots of energy vampires. Systems that run even when the car is turned off. These parasitic vampires take a toll on damaged and marginalized batteries that have just enough CCA and reserve to do the job.
  11. I bought a 2016 Sport new and went through 3 batteries in 3 years. I got tired of it and bought a larger H7 size battery and have had no problems for over 2 years now. They do make an H8 that will fit, but it is big, heavy and overkill unless you live where it is freezing a lot and / or your car has auto stop and start. Because the battery sits up high in the Edge and weight affects the handling, I think that the stock ST battery might be the same small battery that they used in the Sport. I have found the H7 size to be the best comprise between weight and reliability.
  12. The plastic shop is also going to make a part I call the "J-Hook". The J-Hook is the part that the OEM Air Box clips onto. This is the prototype J-Hook. I made several versions of this attachment point before settling on the J-Hook design. You can see a different version at the bottom of the photo that required a lot of milling. I call it the J-Hook because of it's shape. I sure made a big mess with that glue didn't I? lol. It is a simple yet effective design..
  13. I am having a batch of four V3s molded, and they are available. PM if interested. The V3 fits both the 2.7 EB Sport and ST. The V3 will include: 1. The V3 Adaptor 2. Clamps 3. Two Aluminum Elbow Reducers 4. Lid with Custom Sensor Mount 5. Sensor 6. Gasket 7. Your choice of washable reusable Wet Filter or disposable Dry Filter. Replacement filters are also available on line. 8. Detailed Install Instructions Optional: AUX Air Intake with modded lid, flex Hose and clamps. Basic install of the V3 1. Remove the OEM air filter disconnect the sensor and remove the Air Box lid from the car. 2. Snap the V3 onto the OEM Air Box 3. Hook up the two Elbow Reducers to the cars accordion hose 4. Plug back in the sensor
  14. Just had a meeting with the plastic shop about doing some CNC work on the V3. This is what I use to call the gate, now I call it the "C-Clip" because of it's shape After a few attempts at milling on my drill press I was not satisfied with the results. You can see in the photo below how the holes are not even or perfect ovals. Decided to have the plastic shop make the complete C-Clip for me. It will be made on a CNC machine and add to the price a little, but as this part can be seen when the V3 is installed it is important for it to look good.
  15. I am amazed that what appears to be such little damage would be considered enough to scrap such a nice car. I am sorry for your loss and the inconvenience. I hope that you find a nice equivalent replacement soon. Hmmm ... Just dreaming, after all it is a Sport ..... Buy it from the insurance company for pennies on the dollar as scrap, then gut and strip over 1,000 pounds out of it. Put in some H&R springs, tune it, drop in some light weight race seats and keep the outside stock. Hang on!!!