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  1. Xtra

    Best deal on rims?

    Looking good 👍.
  2. Yea my spelling is not the strongest. Still enjoyed it, don’t think that Macan owner did though. Lol It was almost as good as that guy in a Range Rover Sport SVR who offered me $500 if I could take him . I said “not a bet just $500 if I beat you” he agreed and I took his cash. 😂. The Edge Sport / ST - 2.7EB has great potential and if not overbuilt can run low 4 sec 0 to 60 reliably , and still be an everyday driver. Just have to know how to pick your victims and who to stay away from.
  3. What were a couple of the best changes that you did?
  4. Got hungry and went out looking for something to eat today, had a Porsche Macon GTS for lunch. lol
  5. Xtra

    E85 tuned edge ST

    Have sent you a message .
  6. Today got an oil change , tires rotated and all systems checked out good. Also had the transmission shifter cable bushing recall completed. The Sport is now ready for a upcoming road trip to San Diego. Happy New Year !!!
  7. May you never forget what is worth remembering or remember what is best forgotten ... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Xtra
  8. Great news !!! A Christmas Miracle: "IRS Delays $600 Reporting Rule For PayPal And Venmo". My tax problems are solved. Now I won't get slammed for building the V2 or V3 for forum members. I will have to be very carful and run my hobby like a business in 2023 or I will get taxed to the max.
  9. Thanks for the great review and taking the time to submit the update. So glad you like it. Happy Holidays!! Standard V3 V3 with Aux Air installed
  10. Xtra

    Best deal on rims?

    They have great prices on name brand wheels like Savini and Forgestar. These two companies offer large offsets like our 21X9 +55 OEM wheels, as well as free shipping on many. I am looking at 20X10 +54 by Savini and 21X10 + 52 by Forgestar.These offsets will keep the wheel under the finder and not change the suspension set up much.
  11. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    There is still time to get a V2 before years end. Only a few remain In stock and ready to ship. PM me for info.
  12. Xtra

    2022 Edge ST, does this look right?

    Your Borla system appear to be installed correctly , The Borla and MRT systems are similar from the axel back with twin mufflers. This is the MRT axel back system on my Sport. There is no way to tuck them up higher and still have room for the mufflers. I am considering installing the aFe Vulcan 2 1/2 inch cat back system, dumping their transverse muffler and retaining my MRT axel back because I prefer the look and sound of it. I like the Borla system's better overall design but for the 2 1/4 inch tube they use. Glad you like the sound, Is there any drone when crusing at 70 or 80 mph and you go up a hill ? My car is quiet at 70 to 80 MPH until it has to work a little like going up a hill and then the drone kicks in. I have to down shift or speed up to stop it, most annoying.
  13. Xtra

    Best deal on rims?

    After searching for what feels like years for the right set of wheels I came across this site. You have to give them some info in order to see the price, but it is worth it . As far as I can tell this site offers the best prices . I have not used them or ordered from them but their prices are hundreds less when I compare wheels. If you are looking to buy wheels check them out . If you have info on another site that offers a better deal I would be interested as I am always looking for the best price. https://www.mrwheeldeal.com
  14. I love my BIlstein B6 shocks on my 2016 Sport. I suggest getting a complete set of 4 to improve handling and the ride. They work with stock and H&R lowering Springs. https://www.shockwarehouse.com/index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=523108&selected_year=2017&type=T&selected_make=Ford&model_name=Edge "The B6 mono tube design eliminates aeration and keeps your Ford Edge tires glued to the road, and is the same shock used in NASCAR Super Trucks and SCORE and PRO-TRUCK competitions. Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects." Part Number Position Package Qty Bilstein 22-283092 Front Left 1 Regular Price: $139.00 Our Price: $118.00 each Save 15% Free Shipping Bilstein Backorder. Call for availability. Bilstein 22-283108 Front Right 1 Regular Price: $139.00 Our Price: $118.00 each Save 15% Free Shipping Bilstein Backorder. Call for availability. Bilstein 24-283113 Rear 1 Regular Price: $128.00 Our Price: $109.00 each Save 14% Free Shipping Bilstein Backorder. Call for availability. Complete Set Front and Rear Bilstein B6 $534.00 $454.00 for the set of four. Save 14% Free Shipping