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  1. Mine are the Rotora Street Challenge brakes listed above. All the specs are the same except I have 4 piston calipers in the rear and I use the Ceramic pads. Loran is the man to ask for at Rotora and please mention Xtra sent you from this site. I receive nothing but you might get a substantial discount on your purchase . They also make non drilled slotted rotors that are stronger than the drilled ones but I like the look of the drilled rotors and I have personally put them to the test. I know for a fact that the stock brakes faded, smoked and smelled up the place on my friends car while my Rotoras were happy and asking for more when charging through my backyard canyons.These are top shelf brakes and the price reflects that. The electric parking brake stays intact as does the ABS. You can get the calipers in different colors as well.
  2. Brake fluid has hygroscopic properties - meaning that it absorbs moisture ( water ) during its life in your car through the pipes, hoses and joints that it lubricates. As the water content in the brake fluid increases, the temperature the liquid boils at decreases. This can cause air bubbles to form in the lines. Here is a link to some info on this subject. https://www.nwherald.com/sponsored/articles/2016/03/18/33804857/
  3. yes it is a typo my bad they are 380mmI will fix that. Thanks for catching that
  4. Rotora 350mm 4 piston
  5. Rotora 6 piston 380mm front
  6. Xtra

    Driving in La La Land

    Happy New Year ! It was an interesting night to be out and we were caught by surprise by these street racers.
  7. Xtra

    Malibu Autobahn Cars and Coffee 12-2019

    LOL it says title text here .
  8. So many cars turned out for the Final Drive of the Decade it was amazing. Awesome performance cars by the dozen. The video is nothing special, I just walked the parking lot to capture as many cars as I could and I still missed bunch. After the Cars and Coffee there was a drive on some of the best roads California has to offer. About 80% of the cars went on the drive and I had never seen that many cars on a run it was an amazing feeling. My Edge Sport had no problem keeping up in fact it surprised more than a few. Unlike the tight twisty canyons I am so familiar with, I had never been on these roads before and no joke we are talking smooth fresh pavement with sweeping turns and some of the most beautiful farmlands ever. The drive ended at the Pacific Coast Hwy in Malibu. I had no idea that these farms or roads existed, thousands of acres of produce were growing and smooth fresh blacktop ... amazing.
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    The visitor

    Bump.. got it
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    The visitor

    My bad I had no idea. I will try to fix that now.
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    The visitor

    Had a surprise visitor last night.
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    New 2016 Ford Edge Sport owner

    Check out this link to performance upgrades. You will be amazed at the untapped potential of your new car with simple bolt on parts and a tune..
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    0 to 60

    I have a tune by Granatelli Motor Sports located in Oxnard Ca. And yes it is fun to best a car that costs twice as much.