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  1. Xtra

    Car & Driver

    That site assumes you have racing slicks, a race car, launch control, a full race transmission and are setup for drag racing. That is why it gives a 13.95 for the Edge and not the 14.3 it did in the tests. Having all the things you say would never make up a full second, a couple 1/10 at best.
  2. Xtra

    Car & Driver

    Still wondering how can two cars that basically weigh the same and have exactly the same HP be a full second apart. Using a HP weight 1/4 mile calculator. The Audi at 4451pounds with 335Hp should run a 13.8 @ 97.96 mph and the Edge ST at 4600 pounds with 335HP a 13.95 @ 96.89 mph. These numbers are more accurate. For the Audi to get a 13.3 et it would have to have 375HP . I believe that if Audi made a solid 375HP they would say so, why would any manufacture under sell their car by 40hp? I think C&D is flush with Audi payola. On a side note I have raced a 2018 Audi A7, it still had paper plates. The Audi took the hit and within 60 ft I was ahead and never saw him again . I won by a huge gap. If Audi A7's run a 13.3 1/4 mile it would have been closer ..... He still would have lost . http://www.wallaceracing.com/et-hp-mph.php
  3. Xtra

    Car & Driver

    As I looked over the the December issue of Car and Driver I noticed they had just one page at the back of the magazine for the 2019 Ford Edge ST called "The Sharper Edge" . On page 54 to page 59 they have an article on the 2019 Audi A7 called "Sex Machine". I have noticed for years how most all car magazines have little nice to say about American cars and drool and fawn over imports . To compare the numbers of the AudiA7 and the ST Edge they are very close. All the numbers I list here are from the December Car and Driver so no matter if there is a one foot roll out or anything else both cars are tested by the same magazine in the same issue. Let's start with power : The Audi is listed with 335 HP and 369 TQ. The Edge with 335HP and 380 TQ. The Edge has 11pounds more TQ than the Audi and they both have the same HP. Next is curb weight. The Audi weighs in at 4,451 and the Edge is listed at 4,600 pounds. The Audi is lighter by only 149 pounds. Both cars are AWD. Now that we have established the weight, power and drivetrain of both cars this is where it gets weird . The Edge is listed at 5.7 seconds 0 to 60 and the Audi is listed at 4.7 seconds 0 to 60 . The Edge St 1/4 mile is listed at 14.3 Seconds and the Audi is listed at 13.3 Seconds. Now my question is how can there be this big a discrepancy between these two cars as they both make the same HP and weigh within 149 pounds of each other. A full second quicker in the 1/4 mile with the same HP and weight . How can that be? I think C&D is .
  4. Xtra

    Ford Edge RS

    The market is changing and I for one would love to see an RS Edge. My numbers are just a guess nothing more. All I know is that if Ford makes the RS Edge they will have to make them competitively priced with enough performance to justify the RS badge.
  5. Xtra

    Ford Edge RS

    Ok then lets add 16K to the base ST of $42355 for giggles and you get $58,355 that is way less than the 65K to the 75K some have estimated. Still under 60K. The 3L EB does not add that much to the cost over the 2.7EB and the 3L EB is in production now so it is a easy swap. The MSRP of the 2.7 engine is $6135 the 3L Lincoln MSRP is $6,563 a difference of only $428 bucks! And with Ford dropping sedans the market for high performance domestic SUV's is wide open for the taking.
  6. Xtra

    Ford Edge RS

    The BMW X5m has xDrive AWD Starts at $79,550 The Alpha has Q4 High Performance AWD starts at $79,995 The Track Hawk has ActiveOn-Demand 4X4 system with full time active transfer case Starts at $86,200 The Porsche Cayenne Turbo AWD starts at $124,600 The Mercedes-AMG GLE63S has full time 4Matic AWD with transfer case permanent 40:60 Front/Rear torque split starts at $126,295 The Edge ST is starting at $42,355 If you were to use a 3L 450hp Lincoln the existing driveline would be fine. Then add an on demand 100hp electric motor to the rear wheels using no transmission and direct drive through the rear differential . That would give you a 550hp RS Edge. This would keep the price 25 to 30 thousand dollars below the cost of the lowest price competitor listed above perhaps more. IE: $49,550 to $54,550 range
  7. Xtra

    Ford Edge RS

    Every car I listed has AWD in one form or another as standard . Each manufacture has their own name for it but a rose by any other name. If Ford was to hit 500Hp+ in the Edge RS they could very easily beef up the RS car to take the power. I do not see that as a problem. Having a EB engine that puts out 500hp would be the challenge. Note that the highest output EB they had in production excluding the GT made 152HP per Liter . That was the 2.3EB found in the RS Focus that is no longer in production, it was rated at 350hp. Using 152hp per liter as a guide line the 2.7EB would produce 410HP, the 3L Lincoln would have 456hp and the 3.5 EB would produce 532hp. I would be happy with a 3L EB making 456HP with another 100 HP via an electric motor for a total of 556hp. As long as the electric motor and batteries did not add too much weight. This combo would have tremendous acceleration with the electric motor producing 100% torque at one RPM and would have increased MPG as a hybrid. Or just drop in the 3.5EB with 532HP and be done with it. It can be done if Ford wants to and they can do it for less than any of the cars I listed.
  8. Xtra

    Ford Edge RS

    After thinking about this I realized that with a limited special build RS Edge, Ford has an opportunity to build an awesome world class car. An RS Edge should be road race track worthy. That said it means lots of cooling on the Transmission, Rear End, Transfer case, Oil, Brakes and Intercooler. You should be able to run lap after hot lap all day without overheating anything. 295X35R21 Pilot Sport 4S Summer tires with 6 pot Brembo brakes in front and 4 pot in the rear, and an active, adjustable, multi-mode suspension. A launch control would be a touch nice as well. The car also need to go on a diet and loose some pounds and be lower to the ground. A slick new Transmission with paddle shifters that actually respond and shift in milliseconds. Something around 600hp+ should get 'er done, after all we are in the middle of the modern HP wars where 500 hp is now common and 700 and 800 are the performance marks . The cars to best are the Alpha Romeo Stelvio with its 2.9L TT with 505 HP, the Track Hawk 700HP and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo 560Hp. It needs to out perform The BMW X5m 567HP and the Mercedes-AMG GLE63S 585HP . Ford has what it takes and the chance to make the Edge RS a world beater and be faster around a track and faster in the 1/4 mile than any of these competitors. I do not expect the RS to be as luxurious as some of the others in order to keep costs down but it will still be a very nice and comfortable car. I have compared the RS Edge to those cars because the magazines will compare it to those cars as well. The RS is not a ST it is a no holds barred street fighter. Step up Ford and Kick some A** you have dropped the sedans so now is the time for a real Hot Rod Ford Edge and put the Sport back in SUV. If you build it they will come.
  9. Xtra

    New Edge ST from Michigan

    Congrats on the new car . The ST is Awesome !!! Great choice.
  10. Xtra

    Just got 2019 ST

    Congrats on the new car and welcome
  11. The fires are out and then came the rain. The fires burned the vegetation that holds the soil in place, so there was nothing to stop the rain as it washed down the hills taking the ash with it creating mud slides. There will be mud slides the rest of this year every time it rains but the first one is usually the worst. The canyon roads are closed for the most part and are covered with mud, rocks and dabris. I took a ride to see for myself before the rain started and The Highway Patrol had set up cement K-Rails blocking access to the Snake as well as some other canyons. To my surprise many trees survived but all of the grass, bush and scrub were gone, replaced with a black carpet of ash and the strong smell of of the fire as far as the eye could see. It will take some time before the canyons will be ready for some . The good news is now that it has burned the mountains will come back to life better than ever in the spring with little danger of fires or mud slides for the next few years. This is the way nature is and I have seen this scenario play out many times. Both these photos are on Topanga Canyon. The big rock is at Topanga and the Pacific Coast HWY. The mud slide is in the canyon itself. This is typical of the kind of damage found in all the canyons.
  12. Xtra

    Car and Driver Review with Test Results

    I receive a lot of the car magazines such as Motor Trend , Car and Driver, Road and Track and many more . Everyone of them pan American cars They will rave about the performance of a Honda SUV with 100hp less than an Edge ST and say things like plenty of power for for a SUV. While the Ford Edge ST is 2 seconds faster to 60MPH is stated as slow and underpowered. They love the foreign car market ! Always have always will.
  13. Xtra

    Car and Driver Review with Test Results

    I believe that LMS can adjust the transmission shifting and they can also add 30hp to the crank and still be way safe.
  14. Very nice, another bolt on high performance item for the G2 Edge Sport. Snmjim leading the way!!!
  15. Xtra

    Ford Edge ST / Sport Exhaust AfterMarket

    Utube has several videos https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mrt+fod+edge