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  1. I wonder if insulating the OEM snorkel and air box would reduce intake air temp any.
  2. Decided to insulate the snorkel today, even one degree drop of intake charge helps. To insulate the snorkel it took the best part of a 1X 2 ft sheet , because I did this, I ordered up another 2 packages of insulation to guarantee there was enough for the bottom half, so far I have ordered 4 packages and used one. This stick on insulation forms very well to curves, but it still took several pieces to cover the snorkel.
  3. The heat shield arrived today. It will wrap the entire bottom half of the air box to help insulate the incoming air charge form that oven called the engine bay. I got 4 sq. ft. two 1 ft X 2 ft pieces, I hope that is enough to do the job.
  4. After trimming the mounts I bolted on the snorkel and did test fit. Everything lines up and fits as designed. This proves the templet for the snorkel patch is good and ready to go. This shows where the patch goes, and what it covers. .
  5. The OEM mounts need to be trimmed in order for the air box to sit low enough for the snorkel to line up. Here are the trimmed mounts, I place tape over the holes and fill them up from the backside with that same messy black RTV.
  6. All that is needed is for the patch to be molded and installed then the bottom half will be ready for the heat shield. Getting very close, permanently installing the snorkel plate was a major milestone. For those of you that are still following the bottom half is from a 2018 to 2020 F150 EB.
  7. I finally got the heat gun and It works great, I can now heat up the ABS and bend it to shape. Harbor Freight to the rescue. I like that this heat gun sits up and has a cool down mode. The heat gun allowed me to bend the tab on the snorkel plate to help seal and attach it. The snorkel plate is now permanently attached to the bottom half with rivets. I used black RTV to create a gasket and air tight seal. That RTV made quite a mess, but it will never be seen. Once the bottom half is fully assembled it will be wrapped with a heat shield to help protect it from excessive engine compartment temps.
  8. Xtra

    570 Wheel HP!

    That is an amazing amount of power, congratulations, you are way over 600 hp at the crank. In fact, the stock Sport has 315HP at the crank and you have doubled that and then some .. I noticed that the dyno in the photo is FWD. Did you disconnect the rear wheels some how? Without a doubt you have the worlds fastest Edge, and I see a 11 second pass and another world record in your future.
  9. Now that all the parts have been cut and trimmed, I did a test fit and added a bolt to hold the snorkel in place. It is just taped together, and I am still waiting on the patch to be molded. I also need a heat gun to fold a flap on the snorkel adaptor plate. You can see the part of the adaptor plate that needs bending, it is sticking out under the bolt on the snorkel, it needs to wrap under the bottom edge. Right now I am using a cad plated nut as a spacer. The bolt may not even be necessary as the snorkel is a press fit into the gasket. If I decide to keep the bolt I will install a proper spacer on future V3s. This is the inside of the bottom half with the snorkel bolt installed. You can also see that the patch is in place and how it fits. The patch is the damaged one that is just being used for this test fitting. Everything is coming along and I need the new patch to be molded. When I get the patch and the heat gun It will be ready for final assembly. Once this First V3 is complete and installed, I will dyno test to see how much it helps. I have not given up, and will continue to work towards creating a high flow Air Box and filter system for the Edge platform. If the dyno results are positive, the intake air temp drops, and there are no problems found when road testing. I will to look into designing and casting my own lid. Something that would be compatible with My Adaptor and My Bottom Half ... My Lid LOL sounds like the pillow dude.
  10. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Just ordered up the Carbon Fiber material to do another run. Good news is the vendor felt so bad about the long turnaround last time that they promised to get the CF made in a timely fashion . I think that they know that they screwed up and want to make it right. If you are interested in a CF V2 then you should reserve yours now as I only ordered enough for 5. The next run will consist of 5 ABS and 5 CF intakes.
  11. Xtra

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    It is a good thing that I always mold a few extra intakes when I do a run, as the last CF intake of the batch just shipped and will go out on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday. It takes a long time to have the CF material made so I am going to order it now in hopes that it will arrive in 8 weeks or so in time for one more run before Christmas. I only order enough material to make 4 or 5 CF intakes at a time, so if you are interested in a CF intake this year, please reserve yours now . There is still one ABS intake available from this last batch, and the ABS material is always in stock.
  12. Smart choice of upgrades., well done.
  13. The last step is to cut the bottom out . There is not much left of the original. This is ready for the patch and final assembly.
  14. The next step is to cut off this big mounting flang , it is not needed and takes up valuable space in the engine compartment. Here the flange is cut off. This is the finished side all cleaned up. No trace of that huge mounting flange.
  15. LOL you caught me before I could finish the post