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  1. Jombi

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Not sure if Ford does this, but some of the upper-end performance carmakers shoe their cars with "lot tires", basically something to last 5-10K miles because at that level most buyers have personal tire preferences, especially if they're doing a lot of track time. It's kind of like buying a printer--those ink cartridges they come with out-of-the-box are 1/4 full and you're buying a new cartridge halfway through your first run of Christmas letters. I checked the tread depth at the lot and the ST's Hankook's had close to 10/32, which is about normal for a new tire. With the average tire burning 1/32 every 6K miles, and 2/32 being the minimum, that's about 48K miles so definitely these are "real" tires and not "drive-off-the-lot" tires.
  2. I've read a bit about a Dragy device and a VBox, which appear to be high-precision GPS based devices. Due to the high cost of the Dragy and Vbox's, I've been using just an OBD2 adaptor with an app called CarScanner. I'm assuming it just hooks into the cars speedo and uses the phone's timer. So I guess the question is, how accurate would the car's speedo be, and when does the CarScanner pick up the first "move", ie, is it giving a 1ft roll or is it just detecting the first speedo non-zero input, and I guess same questions for the gps devices. Thanks, --jim
  3. Jombi


    I have a type...or color... I really like the Tucson but its anemic performance is what drove me to get the Edge ST. I'm curious how the Ford AWD will do this winter. The Tucson has a center locker and it is tremendous in the snow when the lock is on.
  4. Jombi


    I also got crazy and waxed the upper grille, got the gook out of the corner non-through holes. I hope I have that much energy when this has 20K miles...
  5. Jombi


    I swapped out the odd-shaped tips for standard round tips, I like the look better.
  6. Jombi


    Detail of the lower grill. And yes I waxed that piece
  7. Jombi

    Jims 2019 Edge ST

    The only aesthetically significant mod is the tailpipe tips. Otherwise, the car has the Livernois tune, currently running the 91 version. I also swapped out the weak single horn for the dual horn. The closeup of the lower grill shows how nuts I got with detailing--somehow I don't think that dedication will last. But after 1500 miles those 6-sided diamonds had gook in the edges and I spent way more time than I care to admit cleaning them! All that's there now is the reflection of leaves in my driveway.
  8. Jombi

    Edge ST MPG

    I’ve only got 1000 mi., but on my first medium length day trip I got 21.5, and that included a few 80-120 blasts.
  9. Yeah, I can see the logic there...I was just taken aback because they led with the scare tactics.
  10. I guess this is an academic question for most cars--but I've never had one before when I've replaced tires unless the size is significantly different. Yet this one shop mandated a $130 alignment with the purchase/mount/balance of their tires, giving me the whole scare-story about wear and tear and even driving off the road. I don't see the sense--it's not like the stock alignment "compensates" for normal wear and then a new set of tires will now throw it off. My Edge has 1000 miles and I want to put stock-size winter tires on it and that +$130 is a deal breaker. Thanks,
  11. Just did exactly that, left the tube in there just in case. Thanks!
  12. That sound like it'll work, I'll give that a try, thanks!