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  1. Jombi

    Initial thoughts on ‘19 Edge ST

    I looked and looked, and most of the ones online are 8" long or longer. The way the muffler is set longitudinally back there, the 90 deg bends on either side only leave 4" room to the back edge of the back bumper, so the tips could only be slightly longer than 4", because the 90 Deg bend is right there. I'll keep looking there has to be something...
  2. Thanks everyone, I'm going to go for it! --Jim
  3. I’ve never done an ecu tune on any car and I’m wondering, specifically for the 2019 Edge 2.7 EcoBoost, how much power is really “left on the table” and if those who have installed them have realized significant gains. It’s my general understanding that Ford’s bean counters figured, for example, that the 2018 2.7 was rated at 315hp, and they figured if they tuned another 20 hp to get the current 335hp, they’d get a marketing boost to sell more cars, at the cost of “x” number of blown engines or turbos to repair under warranty. So how much is really left and at what risk? From what I’ve read it looks like I might see ~40hp gain with some of the common tunes (Livernois, is what I was considering). Those of you that have done this—can you feel that change without having to take it to the track and time it? I mean is it absolutely “wow, that’s a significant boost” or is it more in the 1/4 times that you see it in terms of few tenths? I’d really like to take the plunge but I’m wondering if I’m hoping for an unrealistic gain. I want to be thrilled—I want to know that if I come across that X5 that left me looking at its taillights comes around again, that I’m gonna at least be nose to nose. Thanks!
  4. Jombi

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Congrats! I too went without the 401A just to keep the cost down. The ST base trim is still well above most of the other models' "reasonably equipped" trims. I got the big sunroof and the cold weather package. As for the 21" wheels & brakes, if I want red calipers I can get some hi-temp paint and paint them myself and save nearly 5K! Plus I'm old-school and still like chrome/aluminum color on my wheels, the "murdered-out" look doesn't appeal to me--when that first became popular I kept thinking it was just someone who never cleaned the brake-dust off their wheels! Anyway, have fun!
  5. Jombi

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Yes, I made sure Android Auto and Waze were both updated on the phone as well (Galaxy S7). The odd thing is--for a moment I did see Waze on the lower part of the car's screen next to the "apps" checkerboard icon, and Waze was on and open on the phone, and I had chosen Waze as the default nav app on the phone. I got all the prompts on the car's screen about agreeing to data use, etc. But tapping the Waze icon on the screen did nothing--the screen still showed the default home screen and no nav, even though I had a route in Waze on the phone and it was running (ie, I hit Go Now on Waze). Then I tried to start over--unplugged the USB from the car (using the front USB slots--not the charging-only slots in back), and then plugged back in. Waze was now gone, and it has never come back. But my phone starts Android Auto when I plug the USB in and it says it's connected to the Edge, but the Edge's screen acts as if nothing is there. Sometimes the confirmation screen will come up on the car's screen with the "Agree" button--but then disappear in the background never to be seen again--it's like if I don't click that in 1/2 second, it goes away and the subsequent prompts never come up. So it does seem like a case where if the cable is bad and not in the exact right position for the tiny micro-USB contacts to be making contact that it fails--but in my computer I can plug it in and twist the phone around, move it, jostle it every which way *while I'm transferring data from the phone to the PC*, and it never breaks the transfer. So I'm confident the cable is good and the microUSB port in my phone is clean and tight. It just seems that the Sync3 is quirky with that and I don't know why. This morning I'm going to re-install the update and see if that works.
  6. Jombi

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Yeah, tried that. I know there's cables out there with just the two charging contacts, but I throw those away if they end up in my possession so there's never any confusion. I have the OEM one that came with the phone (Galaxy S7), it communicates with my PC just fine, and it also communicated with my Tucson's infotainment system and Android Auto on that car using any number of OEM compatible cables I have. I may try to re-install the Sync update, but it's definitely something on the Sync 3 side.
  7. So I have the 2019 Edge ST, and the rear molding below the bumper has those odd vertical/trapezoidal exhaust exits. I'd greatly prefer the round tips of the Titanium model. Does anyone know if that molding piece and the chrome tips from the Titanium are a direct fit with the rest of the bumper on the ST so that it's a simple remove/replace? Thanks, --Jim
  8. Jombi

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I notice this clunk issue occasionally, it's not a deal-breaker in my opinion. Some things to note about the ST (I have a 2019 ST)--note that I'm very happy with my ST and don't regret it and could go on an on about the "pros", but the below are the "cons" I've found so far: 1. The transmission in general is a bit lazy, even in Sport mode. Not a deal-breaker either, but worth noting that I rarely use the paddle-shifters because using them is like calling a cat to come to you. It'll sit there and come over when it feels like it. 2. The seats are really snug. I'm not a big guy and still I feel like I have to shimmy into the bolstered sides. Maybe if I was driving F1 I'd want that extra tightness but I'm not going to see the Gs that would force me sideways more than a seatbelt alone would hold. 3. Styling-wise, all good but not a fan of the exhaust tips. I'm looking into trying to get the Titanium tips with the matching rear moulding. Not sure if there's a direct fit there but to me it would be worth a few hundred to fix that styling miscue. 4. I have not yet been able to get Android Auto to work. I updated Sync to the latest version, which claims it has Waze, etc. but none of that is available, whether I connect via USB or Bluetooth. I can make calls and do all that stuff, but no Nav possible (I got the sync without nav because why pay for nav when I can use my phones nav via Android auto). Other than that, it is everything I wanted it to be! --Jim
  9. And on a similar note, (no pun intended), as a teenager I would turn over the air cleaner cover on my parent's sedan when I drove it, which would significantly increase the engine noise via the wail of the incoming air through the now-exposed air filter. But in general nowadays I'm lean towards the "sleeper" characteristics--I don't want to announce that the car may have something special. Not to go to far off-topic, but in high-school my friends dad had the ultimate sleeper. A staid looking 1970 Chevy Nova. His dad didn't want sporty badges, etc, just a daily drive that would also tow his boat. So he got a plain looking Nova with the 350 300hp engine, and a Muncie M22 4 speed--n SS badging, just a basic looking sedan. When my buddy would come over all I could hear was that beautiful whine of the M22, but the engine note was family-car-quiet.
  10. 2FAST4U, I think you are correct. From this link: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15117726/faking-it-engine-sound-enhancement-explained-tech-dept/ High-tech sound tuning is not limited to six-figure vehicles, though. Ford installed a resonator pipe between the Mustang GT’s V-8 and its fire wall. The Boss 302 takes this further by adding a second pair of exhaust pipes tucked behind the rocker panels. Owners can remove restrictor plates located just upstream of the side exits to open the exhaust. The resulting note causes pedestrians to duck and cover.
  11. That looks like a wealth of information and items to tinker with, I can’t wait till I get into it, it should come tomorrow (Amazon is delivering on Labor Day!).
  12. The one I got is this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XJL31Z7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It appears to be workable but if not I'll return it and get one of the one's listed in this thread. Thanks!
  13. Jombi

    Hi, new 2019 Edge ST owner!

    Thank you. Yes, I was like a kid in a candy store when I got this home--"what's this button for?", "what does this menu dig into?", etc. A lot of stuff to learn on this for sure. I just accidentally noticed the AC 110v in the back of the center console--and I was sure my option package did not have that, so nice surprise there.
  14. gadgetjq, thanks! I've ordered an ODBII adaptor and I should have it tomorrow. --Jim
  15. On the 2019 Edge ST, I’d like to just have normal, unaltered engine sound. I’ve read a bit about Ford using either noise-cancelling tech or piping the sound through the speakers, I’m not really sure what they do. Can anyone please elaborate on what’s actually going on with that and if it can be truly disabled (ie, without odd workarounds). Thank you! Jim