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  1. Mine 2011 MKX has been suffering from this non-random "shuffle" for most of the past year so I'd also like to know if there's a solution?
  2. Yeah I discovered that a while back when I tried to experiment with it. The bigger question is does having a wifi connection provide any useful functionality whatsoever??? It's not like Ford is ever going to provide a web browser like was promised when I bought my vehicle 28 months ago. One might think if Ford is intent on simplifying by stripping away features, why wouldn't they start with this?
  3. Contact photos worked from day 1. On a couple of phones anyway like my ancient Blackberry. Of course it didn't work on anything more modern because, you know, it isn't Ford's fault that technology advances.
  4. I was surprised that my dealer (who has caused me all sorts of grief in the past) called me a couple of weeks ago to advise me of a MyLincolnTouch RECALL which consisted simply of the 3.5.1 update. The invoice even has "Recall" printed on it. Thought it strange that they would want to term such a thing as a recall.
  5. Good question, I just wanted to experiment with it. See if there was just the tiniest bit of useful functionality there. I guess I just leave that to my imagination.
  6. Just got the latest 3.5.1 update installed (dealer termed it a RECALL). When I try to input the password for my home wifi network which consists of numbers and letters I discover I am unable to enter anything other than numbers because the other keyboards are completely ghosted. Anyone else see this?
  7. My heated seats (and heated steering wheel) have not turned on with remote start yet this winter. It's been well below freezing but probably no more than -12C or so. They did turn on some of the time last winter - it's as if the temperature at which they should be turning on is set way to low. Driver and passenger seats and steering wheel set to Auto of course. Anyway it's another one of those MFT (err, MLT) issues so maybe the next update will fix it. Whatever, I have worse issues with this vehicle...
  8. Ctrl-z

    2011 Ford Edge AWD Problem

    I had this transmission lurching when accelerating from low speed conditions since my MKX was new. After the dealer performed (I believe) TSB 11-5-6, it seemed like it was fixed since it did not reoccur for about a year. However for the past several months the problem has reappeared and it is worse than it was before. It is now virtually a daily occurrence but the dealer can not reproduce it nor are there any error codes being generated. A few of these "bad shifts" are very severe and almost feel like someone has hit me from behind. My dealer really doesn't seem to care. This dealer has been a continuing source of frustration for this and several other issues I've have/had but they are the only Lincoln dealer anywhere near me. They can't even confirm that the TSB they implemented was indeed 11-5-6. I'm not sure what I should be do now, other than looking into buying an extended warranty.
  9. I had the harsh shift problem when accelerating from a low speed when my vehicle was new. After I had the TSB work done it was fine - for about a year. Now it's back and worse in terms of frequency than ever. And a few of those shifts feel like someone has rammed you from behind. Of course the dealer can't find any error codes and can't reproduce the issue (I hate my dealer but they're the only one around). So nothing is ever going to be done I assume, unless Ford brings out an updated TSB related to this issue. I guess I will have no choice but to buy an extended warranty.
  10. Ctrl-z

    PTU drain plug

    My 2011 MKX was as well. Dealer recently replaced the PTU pinion seal. Leak developed after about 25K kilometers.
  11. Ctrl-z

    Canadian MFT update

    Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Since I purchased my MKX 1.7 years ago, I've seen plenty of examples of Ford's incompetence.
  12. Last winter I discovered an unpleasant side effect of my MKX having a power steering column adjustment - in colder weather every time the steering column moves in and out (as it does as part of every memory seat setting) it emits a squeal. The colder the weather, the louder the squeal. The frustrating part of it is that it seems my dealership is unable to fix it. When I took it in last winter to have the service dept. deal with it, they couldn't reproduce the sound. Not a surprise because despite me telling them it is cold weather related (i.e. below freezing) they brought it into the heated service area to test. This winter I waited till it finally got cold enough and got the service manager to see, or rather hear, it for himself. So I was told they lubricated the column and were "pretty sure" they fixed it. Of course they never tested it outside and now it's even worse, it pretty much shrieks now. I'm not sure if the Ford Edge has this functionality but has anyone else experienced this? It's not a big deal but it's darned annoying (and sometimes embarrassing) and it seems like yet another part of my $50K vehicle that Ford can't truly fix (joining MLT, transmission lurches, and misaligned window moldings).
  13. Ctrl-z

    MFT upgrade overview

    Mine was also built in Sept. 2010 and the 2.11 update took 44 minutes for me.
  14. Ctrl-z

    MFT upgrade overview

    Wow, Ford has discovered the hardware has a dedicated graphics controller they can make use of and they have even "borrowed the concept of beta testing". Things are definitely looking up.
  15. Ctrl-z

    Fuel Economy

    Must be an online converter somewhere that can convert litres/100 kms to MPG... In any event with my wife driving around town (she of the much more gentle foot compared to me) our MKX (3.7 L engine) gets only about 12.5 L/100 km. It's a bit better in the summer but still well below the government estimates on the window sticker. In fact it never really gets close, city or highway. I don't worry too much about it, it's still a heck of a lot better than the pickup truck I have to drive much of the time.