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  1. I ended up replacing my 3 year old AGM with a lead acid battery. AGM still charged and BA7 said it was rated good - but where it used to be OK for a month after charging in the winter, now it was giving me the "battery saver message" almost every other day. My original battery was lead acid for the 2011 Edge and never had this problem with similar lead acid replacements. We'll see how this one does.
  2. bac2010

    Battery Saver Message

    I'm glad that fixed your problem. My battery and alternator tested good but battery continued to occasionally lose charge. But this only happened when I switched to an AGM battery - retiring and taking shorter trips didn't help either ๐Ÿ˜‰. Wet cell always worked fine but I was also taking longer trips. Another interesting occurrence is that the Battery Saver message doesn't appear once the weather gets warm. It disappears from May to October no matter my driving pattern. I throw a smart charger on the battery when I see the message and in 3-4 hours problem solved for a while so just a nuisance for now.
  3. bac2010

    Fans Constantly Running

    Thanks for the info. I kind of gathered that a new fan assembly probably would be the resolution. I could possibly get away with just the control module (I believe a new one comes with the fan assembly). The relays and sensor seemed to be too remote of an issue to cause this problem. Only about 125K on the 2011 Edge. I bought it 10 years ago this month!
  4. bac2010

    Fans Constantly Running

    I have a 2011 Ford Edge with a 3.5 engine and the radiator fans are constantly running. Temp gauge is OK. I had to disconnect the battery to get them to stop. I have seen a few posts but nothing definitive for a resolution (they rarely come back and let you know the answer). From what I have seen it could be several things with the worst being the coolant sensor (not easy to get to) to something as simple as a relay. I'll have an appointment with the Ford dealer but it is mid-October probably due to the virus and things taking longer. Any ideas that I could look into myself while waiting? Thanks.
  5. Edgingage - reserve capacity for your battery is 150 minutes. Reserve is rated at 25 amps, so 150 minutes * 25 A / 60 minutes / hour = 62.5 Ah. I think most charging systems will be OK. I have no complaints on the CTEK smart charger although they are not the cheapest.
  6. I definitely have an AGM battery! I do take shorter trips since retiring and battery message frequency (once a month) reflects that. No long trips planned for a while. If what Omar says is correct that the 8 hour quarantine of the Edge is enough to reset the BMS for 2011 model year then I guess I don't need Ford to do a manual reset. I have seen people, primarily on the F150 forums, somehow disabling BMS. I assume this then reverts back to the old straight charging process like my wife's 2007 RAV4 (with the V6 engine!) which only has battery issues when the battery dies. I do need to do a BA7 test on her car soon though just to see how the battery is doing.
  7. I installed the Duralast Platinum AGM battery myself. What I didn't do was reset the BMS manually and I'm not sure if this is somehow related to the problem. I think many dealers forget to do this too - Edgingage, you may want to have them double check this. From reading various posts, one item that doesn't get reset in the BMS using the 8 hour process is the "days" parameter which indicates how old the battery is. This somehow affects the charging software. I guess type of battery should be updated too to change the charging profile - in my case from standard flooded to AGM. It took about one year after installing the new battery before the battery saver message popped up. And now it does so every month (coincidentally it did yesterday after one month's driving). Charged it up and ready to go today. Next time I get an oil change, I'll have Ford reset the BMS manually and see if this makes a difference. I haven't used FORScan but may look into it.
  8. I was the poster in the 2011 thread on this subject. My battery tested perfectly using the Solar BA7 and I had the battery/alternator tested a few times by others and they were both good. I found that voltage was definitely low (12.1 volts) when I had the message pop up. Charging with the CTEK smart charger fixes the problem (I think better than a standard trickle charger) for at least a month. I do think in my case that short trips are the primary cause but I wonder if the 2011 and AGM batteries are not a good mix either - never had a problem like this with standard batteries - they just died! And I then bought a new one. I charge connecting to the battery clamps (and not battery posts or body ground) so not sure how Omar's suggestion comes into play. Never have to reset anything although I do leave everything undisturbed for over 8 hours and sometimes days so the BMS should have time to reset on its own. Currently I am charging about once a month and only when I see the battery saver message reappear. Charging takes about 3-4 hours.
  9. bac2010

    Battery Saver Message

    Full charge lasted me about 2 weeks and just started getting the battery saver message again today. One decent long trip and the others on the shorter side so I figured I was due. It's on the charger now and I'll see how long it goes until message shows up.
  10. bac2010

    Battery Saver Message

    No problem hijacking thread. Didn't drive the Edge today but have several trips planned for Thursday. Will see if battery saver message reappears. I don't have the expertise to read your data but maybe someone else does. The only things I have been able to glean from research is that there is a battery saver relay probably located under the dash. This may be what you heard clicking in the parking lot. Also it looks like the "GEM" module controls many of the electrical functions in the Edge including multiple timers for battery saver (I think one at 10 minutes and the other at 45 minutes). If this module is bad it could explain the problem. I believe this module is also under the dash maybe behind the radio. I had Ford check out the battery and alternator but didn't ask them directly to look into this issue. If I get the message popping up regularly then I'll schedule an appointment.
  11. I had soft brakes a few years back and brought it into Ford. They had a hard time finding and fixing the problem - took 3 days. They did replace a leaking caliper but I think the overall resolution was removing air in the anti-lock brake system. Not saying the bad caliper didn't contribute to the problem. Also had the brake booster replaced under the extended warranty coverage so hopefully good for a while.
  12. bac2010

    Battery Saver Message

    Thanks Edgingage. Lots more info to digest and some things for me to try out. Interesting on both of us having AGM batteries but I don't recall other postings mention this. I don't regret buying the BA7 and CTEK but that was the cost of a new battery ๐Ÿ˜. But they will come in handy again I'm sure. @akirby - are there any Ford reps still monitoring these threads? I would think a problem like this might have a solution that none of the seat-of-the pants type of diagnostics would undercover. Problems with APIM, BCM, other?
  13. bac2010

    Battery Saver Message

    Since my problem with battery saver message just started less than a month ago, I don't have your long term observation of the problem. But your points are correct: - that it only happens when the Edge is turned off. From previous posts of the Edge and other Ford vehicles (yes, other Ford vehicles!), this was common knowledge so I forgot to mention it. - my problem disappeared after cleaning posts and then reappeared and now disappeared. I fully expect it to happen again although it would be nice if it didn't ๐Ÿ˜Š. - no indications of a weak battery whatsoever. Starts are good. You mentioned that the battery was tested but not the alternator. Did you have a chance to get that done? I did have Ford test the battery and alternator and no issues. Autozone in their much limited test said the same. The BA7 said the battery was good but charge was low so I attacked from that perspective and was successful in the first attempt. Whether this is the cause and fix, I can't tell yet. Have not used the BA7 to test the charging system - will do that when I have time. Do you have an AGM battery? Just curious if this is a common denominator but I doubt it. I do appreciate your input. I really do and I'm sure the other forum members do. I wouldn't doubt that it could be other than a battery/alternator problem and maybe a fault somewhere else. I haven't seen any clear indication though what that might be. Thanks.
  14. bac2010

    Battery Saver Message

    Good news on my morning trip. Battery saver message is gone (for now ๐Ÿ˜Š) so getting a full charge from CTEK did the trick. I did get a couple of messages when first starting the car after charging: "Check charging system" pop-up and also a battery light on the dashboard. Not sure why but they disappeared and didn't return. So all is well but I'll have to stay on top of it. I normally take a few very long trips every couple of months but haven't done that since summer and the short trips took their toll.
  15. bac2010

    Battery Saver Message

    Keeping on a tender if only occasionally is something that looks likely in my future. I did get the CTEK US 7002 yesterday and it took about 4 hours to go through the complete charging cycle. Battery volts at the end were about 12.8. I have a decent long drive planned for today (probably 40-50 miles) so I'll see what the battery looks like when I get home and if the message disappears. I did see where someone said that the battery needs to be disconnected to perform a reset - didn't do that but will tonight if it doesn't go away.