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  1. @OMAR - good description Omar. After I read the Ford F150 post, I realized I never knew there was an "On Until Cancelled" (OUC) mode. Thanks!
  2. When I had a DTC in my ABS, this happened to my 2011 Limited. I used Forscan to reset the DTC in the ABS module and it has not returned. Hope this helps. What happened with yours?
  3. @2Fast4U - what Gadgetjq said. Looks like a C or a D will give you 6 flashes. Unfortunately, I don't know what the difference in the bits will do (C=1100, D=1101) so you may have to try both to see.
  4. @Gadgetjq Someone mentioned in another topic that they found an Edge specific list of mods but I have not heard back on my request on where they found it. I am using a spreadsheet that lists 2011-2015 Explorer, plus any items I find looking through these posts. I did manage to fix it properly. When the DTCs set, it also turned the idiot lights on and even after I restored the Asbuilt data, they were still on. It made me a little nervous but resetting the DTCs solved it. So I redid the blink rate and when the DTCs showed up, I simply reset them. Now I have it set to 5 blinks which feels about right. Have not been able to get Global Window open/close to work though. I have the smart motors, but not sure if only the MKZ can do it but not the Edge that year. Thanks for getting back to me.
  5. I have a 2011 Edge Limited. The windows have the safety feature where they will reverse direction if hitting an obstacle but I can't get my global open/close to work. I have the IPC bits set for Global open and Closed to "enable" but it does not show up in my left hand dash panel under settings. I've seen several global open changes, but none either work or match what's in there. Can someone with an MKX or Edge tell me if they have a DCM or PCM (driver and passenger Door Module)) that needs altering? Any help is appreciated.
  6. 2011 Edge Ltd - I changed the blink count in the turn signal duration from 3 to 5 (SCCM 724-01-01 7 to 'B' in Forscan). When I went to write it back to the SCCM, it said there is a checksum error - continue? First time I said no and tried a different value ('A') but the same thing. I wrote it anyway assuming Forscan would calculate the checksum before writing it. As soon as I switched off then on, I had a TRACTION CONTROL SERVICE REQUIRED notice on the display panel. The two idiot lights for traction control and traction control off were lit. I refreshed the connection to OBD and looked at DTC's and the ABS module had both a checksum DTC and an 'unknown value' codes set. I put my As built data back in the SCCM and cleared the ABS code and it was gone. Has anyone run into this error?
  7. bb56

    Global Open

    Thanks for the reply onyxbfly. I believe I tried that sequence but nothing happened. I suspect it wasn't available in the 2011 Ltd yet. Does anyone have this option working on their 2011?
  8. bb56

    Global Open

    I tried it on my 2011 Edge Limited. The BdyCM has two parameters for Global Open and Close. It offered 4 settings: DISABLE, Remote, Key, Remote and Key. I enabled the Remote setting but nothing happened. I tried holding the unlock button on the fob for 5-10 seconds either alone or after unlock. Nothing happens. ForScan was easy to use. Instead of trying to figure out which bit to set I didn't use the BdyCM as built module, just the next one BdyCM. It gives you a readable list of options that can be changed and double clicking them brings up the choices. Maybe there is another setting that needs to be there but I can't find it. Needless to say, I was disappointed. This is probably like Remote Start. Mine has been enabled on the dashboard menus since I got it and I saw that it was enabled in Forscan, but it at lease needs the antenna kit that I've read about on another topic here. Still not enough details that I fully understand what's needed.
  9. I have a 2011 Edge limited. my backup camera sometimes has the lines and sometimes not. I find no correlation with anything that I'm doing. The issue I recently had was after a 4 hour night time drive on a 72 degree night, I stopped to let someone out. Then when I put it in reverse, the image was grainy and looked like it was sprayed with white paint speckles. I immediately got out and cleaned it but it was still there. So I read a few threads where people pulled the RVC out and replaced it, but in one thread, two different folks took the camera apart, one by cutting it and one by slicing between plastic halves. The guy who sliced it open, cleaned all the lenses (5 or 6 in there?) and worked good as new. I can't find that thread anymore. When I took mine out, I found it was pretty well sealed together - one seal at the body and one seal where the lens case leaves the body. The real shocker was that it had a MFG date of 2013! So obviously it's been replaced having a part number of BT4T-19G490-AF (I bought the car used.) Taking it out was simple and I cleaned all the caked dust off of it, the connectors and cleaned the lightly scratched lens. It's daylight at the moment, but after putting it all together, it seems clear and the guidelines are on (including the black center line which sometimes goes away leaving only the side lines. I hope the night time speckled light scattering is gone but if anyone knows how to disassemble the camera module, that will be my next effort. I hope someone else has dismantled the camera module.
  10. I am trying to find the cause of an annoying rattle when driving above 50 mph. I found a bracket directly above the front metal bumper bolts between the radiator fan assembly and the headlamp assembly. When I put my hand in there from inside the hood facing forward, I reach into the space along side the headlamp and move forward toward the front of the car. When I reach the panel where the fan assembly is mounted, there is a square metal bracket that I can rattle. It has an identical mirrored version on the other side.In the picture attached, you can see the two bolts where the steel front bumper attaches. Ive looked at the repair manual for removing the steel bumper (not the cover) and removing the radiator but neither have illustrations of this bracket. It looks like there should be a screw in the center of it but there are no screw marks in the underlying hole. Can anyone tell me what this bracket is and if it is supposed to be loosely in there? I want to try to screw it in but both sides having no fastener may be a sign that it is not supposed to be fastened. I'm going crazy trying to find an illustration that shows it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Thanks enigma-2. It's possible that's it but it didn't seem from the instructions that it would be a thick coating. The coating on my windshield was thick enough to feel with your fingernail when scraped across a scratch. I( would hesitate to put that on a windshield because glass is pretty hard and the coating would probably scratch easier than the glass (as in my case.) Good lead though. I didn't know of anything like that on the market.
  12. When I bought my used 2011 Limited, the windshield looked fine until the first rainy night. It was really a mess with areas that looked very hazy and small patches here and there that were clear. Upon closer examination in the daylight, I could see many many small fine scratches in the wiper paths but in those clear places there were no scratches. With the proper lighting and reflective angle, it appeared that there was some kind of coating on the windshield. I small magnifier showed scratches in the coated area. I tried normal cleaning but as the wetness of the cleaner would evaporate under each wipe of the cleaning cloth, you could still see the scratches. Since I've used #0000 steel wool on my other car's windshields, I tried it again on this one. As I scrubbed, the clear areas were getting larger but it was taking a lot of scrubbing and elbow grease using the steel wool. So I took out my rotary polisher and used Mequire's Ultimate polishing compound and it was making more of the windshield clear again. But there was a coating still left in many places. I have a 3" window razor that I then used very carefully. Surprisingly, large flakes of some substance was coming off in the hazy areas. I could easily see them again by wiping with a damp cloth. I was very concerned that I was ruining the windshield, but I figured glass does not shave off like that. I removed all of it and I still don't know what it was (it looked like some kind of clear coat that got all scratched.) Now my windshield has no wiper scratches at all and is super clean. I followed all that (4 hours over multiple days) with a coat of RainX. I then cleaned the interior meticulously first using 90% rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, then invisible glass cleaner several times and the windshield finally looks great - except for one small issue... When a light shines through it (oncoming headlights, or streetlamps, etc) you can see a thin halo around them like the moon on a misty night. It's the weirdest thing. It's not my eyes - other people see it too. I continued to clean it while shining a flashlight through it in a dark garage and no luck. It appears that it is in the laminate layers in the middle. I try to smear the halo with my finger - both inside or outside - but nothing smears. It squeaks on the inside, but the RainX doesn't squeak on the outside. I think I can live with it but I wish it were clearer. Last time I drove in the rain at night it looked pretty good. So you might check a small area of your windshield to see if there is a coating on it like mine. I'd be interested to know and I wonder if all Edge windshields are like this. See my other Windshield question here: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/21635-2011-limited-windshield-not-soundscreen/as I was trying to figure out my options and if it was a special windshield.
  13. I also found the carlite part number listings but the Soundscreen part number contained a BA1Z, not BA13. I'm not sure that those are the only part numbers of an acoustic windshield I was assured by Carlite tech support that based on my VIN number, my 2011 Edge Limited vehicle was originally built with what they call the DW01845 GTY and thus should have the special sound absorbing vinyl in the glass and the trademarked logo “Soundscreen” at the bottom. It's possible that someone replaced it with a non-OEM windshield at some point. I can't find any record of the WS being replaced however. So I think the lesson here is, if you get your windshield replaced, be sure to tell them you want the OEM windshield that came with your car - in my case it is the Carlite DW01845 GTY part. Thanks for all the replies.
  14. bb56

    Cold Air only

    My 2011 Limited has dual climate control but whether it is on or off, I notice erratic temp control. It is getting cooler each day now so I turn the heat up. Sometimes it is nice and toasty other times it feels like it's just blowing cold air. I've read the posts about the blend door actuators but it seems that mine work properly sometimes but not all the time. If it is affecting both sides which blend door should I suspect? How does one check for proper operation? Is it a visual thing like getting on your knees with the door open while idling? Should it be open to get heat or closed? Should I suspect something else? Thanks.
  15. @akirby: I think I'm well past needing Bob Ami clleanser but if I can find it, I might try it anyway. Does your 2016 MKX have a soundscreen logo on the windshield? @chefduane: I'm going to try asking Carlite directly about the two part numbers BA13... one having a soundscreen logo and mine not having it. Since I think the AA13... is the same as mine without the rainsensor (up top on the passenger side near the rearview mirror), I assume whatever I find out will apply to yours too. Jeez, that DFW 63 sounds awfully nice to my 47 and raining in MA.