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  1. That’s cool. I thought about a rear camera too for the same reasons I want a front dash cam. Wouldn’t want it to be perpetually on.
  2. Thanks I’ll check it out. I’m in the car now with the console cover off looking to see if there is a switched hot wire I could splice into to make the power outlet in the console switched.
  3. I’m wanting to wire my new dash cam to “ignition on” power and wonder if anyone has used the interior fuse 44 slot that is labeled “Customer accessory feed”? I’m wondering if that slot is ignition on only like I want. I haven’t tested it with a voltmeter yet. Or if you have any other suggestions on which fuse slot to use, I’m all ears. Thanks, Doug
  4. Can anyone help me understand why my 2010 Ford Edge Limited's factory subwoofer makes a thumping noise even when the car is off and the ignition key is out? I'm the original owner. It's the strangest thing. It's happened several times. I'm just cleaning out the car or putting something in the trunk and I'll hear a thump noise. Took me awhile to figure out it was the subwoofer. Put my hand on it and every minute or so it just "thumps". Can't figure out what's causing it. Maybe some sort of radio signal interference? Or some audio module in the car going bad? Any ideas out there, or has anyone else had this problem and solved it?
  5. When you get your kit installed be sure to post some pictures, either here or in the Photo Gallery. I'd like to see how it looks.
  6. Yeah it took forever to get the woodgrain kit in. It was several months as I recall. I wonder if they wait till they get orders to produce them. Carid is only the order taker. The manufacturer is Wowtrim.
  7. I'd like to upgrade my stock 2010 Limited 18" rims with a set of 20". But I don't know what size will work. What bolt pattern, offset, and width? Will any modifications need to be done to the car, as in suspension, etc.? Will my speedometer be off? Thanks for any help.
  8. No, no previous experience with upholstery. But I'm the type willing to tackle any project though, you know... on the house, car, etc. I learn as I go. In response to another post... I do like the Sienna seats. Wish I had them. When I bought the car I thought about it, but didn't pull the trigger. Didn't know I was going to do my own customization.
  9. viperdoug

    2010 Ford Edge Custom Interior

    Converted hard black plastic surfaces to cinnamon padded leather and added a woodgrain kit from Wowtrim.
  10. I uploaded new pictures in natural light to try to show the true colors. Some of the earlier comments were made after I posted my first pictures that used a flash, which made the leather and woodgrain look bright orange.
  11. How many of you are bored with your plain factory interior. I couldn't take the hard black plastic any more on the dash, console, and door panels. So I upgraded to padded leather and a woodgrain kit. I bought a leather hide on ebay and contact cemented padding to the door panels and console, then wrapped them with the leather. The woodgrain kit was ordered from carid.com, but the kit is actually made by Wowtrim. Let me know what you think. Now I look forward to getting in my car. The softness and woodgrain make it cozy. I'm going to post more pictures in the gallery section. The car is Cinnamon Metallic.
  12. I have squeaking in the passenger seat of my 2010 Edge. We've had it now for 10 months. Same as others, we hear it around 30 MPH or so. Gets real annoying.
  13. Can anyone out there help me find the absolute best wood grain overlays for the interior of my 2010 Edge? Most links send me to carid.com where they sell two brands. One looks to be from Onyx and the other from Sherwood. But in their pictures, most are 2D (two dimensional) when the best are 3D (3 dimensional). Notice how many of the wood grain overlays sold do not wrap down into the cup holders or into the perimeter of the radio. However, I have seen pictures of some that do, I just can't find the manufacturer. In the Sherwood section of the carid.com website a few pictures show the good wrap around style but not all the pictures show that. Take a look at the picture I've attached. Notice the quality wrap around of the wood grain. Some of these pictures also show a nice wrap around plate for the door window switches. I found these pictures on a car review website. The pictures are from some company called autodatasolutions.com. Can anyone help me find the real quality wood grain overlays? Thanks, Doug
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