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  1. I’ve been using mobile1 5W30 synthetic oil in my 2020 edge 2.0. Everything has been fine so far, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading about liquiMoly motor oil and wondered if anyone is using this liqui Moly oil. it comes from Germany. Thanks in advance.
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    Reading owners manual would have saved me $$$$$

    Yep….if I had a warranty I would have used it. I’m not a dummy!!! Good grief
  3. debbyzog

    What years are best for edge?

    I have a 2020 SE with 72,000 miles. Other than oil changes, it’s perfect so far.
  4. I recently bought a 2020 Edge SE which is a base unit but has a technology package. I didn’t care about leather seats but I did want CarPlay and a bigger screen, so this is a perfect fit. First time it rained, I put the wipers on “intermittent “ and they seemed to do whatever they wanted, including turning off. My assumption was that the wiper switch was bad so I spent $84.00 for a new one. It took about 1/2 hour to install the new part into the steering column. Unfortunately, the results were exactly the same. So, I figured that the wiper relay was bad, so I bought one for another $8.00. Once again, I had random wiper operation on any setting of the intermittent switch. Frustrated, I read the owners manual and found that my car had the “rain sensing wiper” option. I found that there is a setting to turn “rain sensing” on or off. Upon checking the settings on the dash, I found it ON. So, I turned it OFF and all my problems were solved. I feel sooo dumb!!!! Hail to the owners manual!
  5. I recently purchased a 2020 Ford Edge with the 2.0 ecoboost with 50,000 miles. I’ve changed the oil twice and had the same noise each time. The engine rattles for a good two minutes each time with the little oil can pressure light on. Then quiet and normal and no oil pressure light. I know that there is some rattling after an oil change for a few seconds due to lack of immediate oil pressure. I always fill the filter with oil before installing. First time I used Mobil 1 5w30 and a Mobil 1 filter. The second time I used a Motorcraft filter and Mobil 1 0w30. I think the noise comes from the timing chain but, of course I can’t be certain. I’m guessing this is not normal but I’ve never had a 2.0 ecoboost before. I’d appreciate and and all input! After the first oil change we went on a 2000+ mile trip, drove 80+ mph, got 28.5 mpg, and not an abnormal sound out of the engine.
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    Just bought 2020 Edge

    Greetings. I just bought my 3rd Edge. Gotta love them!
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    New-to-me 2017 Edge

    Howdy....I just purchased a very nice 2017 Edge SEL with AWD and the 2.0 turbo. This is our 3rd Edge. I had sold my F150 and, for some crazy reason, bought a Traverse...big mistake. I kept it only four months, and hated it. Cheap, under powered, shifted goofy and lots more. I then remembered why I had not bought any GM product for over 20 years. Anyway, the Edge is so smooth in comparison and with navigation, leather, etc., it is just a nice vehicle. My wife had a 2007 Limited and a 2013 Limited....both great cars, but she wanted her Mustang.... So the Edge is all mine, and I am so happy I made the trade. This is my first ever turbo, so I am a little curious as to how it all works. I did buy Castrol Edge 5w30 engine oil because it indicates it is for TGDI (turbo gas direct injection) engines and it also notes the Ecoboost specifically. I've used Castrol product in the past (since 1969) and never had an issue, so I assume all will be good with a Motorcraft filter.... Any other recommendations for driving a turbo would be appreciated......
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    New, to us, 2008 Edge Limited

    we pick up our 08 on monday....cannot wait