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  1. jljbtm

    Liftgate malfunction

    I read through all of these complaints of the rear gate not opening because my 2016 has a slightly different problem where it will open and close properly but now (lately) upon closing it automatically reopens and stays open I have to go and physically close it.? jack
  2. Yep, that did it 2 new rear shocks no more rattle
  3. I read "what to expect after 200,000 miles+" and I'm a long way away from that but what about after 100,000 miles. Its my wifes car and its been a great car! which has me wondering (since everything breaks at some point) whats going to break first and will it leave her stranded? I say 1st. because other than tires, brakes and wipers, oil changes nothing has broke! Happy to say "What a car" Great job FORD!
  4. (so i had to ask) I said what if I pay you $500 for two rear shocks and it still rattles well he said both the mechanic and supervisor said it was the shock BUT you needed shocks anyway!! WTF
  5. Thx for all the info, you know if my truck had the same yellow headlights i wouldnt care but they are super bright and now im use to it.
  6. jljbtm

    What years are best for edge?

    My 2016 Edge has had no trouble for 80,000 miles, I did only tire and brakes but now rear shocks as it seems they are making some clunking noise. Are newer "years" same or better?
  7. I hate driving my wifes 2016 edge at night because the headlights are so dim my truck has nice white light
  8. the maps in my wife edge seem old and want to know if i can update myself or does it have to go in to dealer for this update?
  9. so rather than chasing after parts I took it to the dealer to have them investigate for ($69) the mechanic surprised me and said it was the rear shock??? and he can replace them for $500+ after knowing some of you replaced your shocks and struts already to no avail.
  10. I knew that would come up but I too would rather SUPPORT Ford, Chrysler or any European Brand because its a choice I can make (we have so much crammed down or throat from Asia) I didnt mention GM but thats another story
  11. IM$NC, it sounds like my noise that im trying to figure out (coming from the RR) everything is tight that i can see , mine is a 16 w/80,000miles and nothing has been replaced YET still original.
  12. jljbtm

    Online Parts Places

    Try Rockauto.com
  13. Hi, so i just joined this forum to try and get answers to a similar clunking sound in my wifes 2016 Edge, except this clunking sound is coming from the pass.rear? I even have a lift in my garage but cannot find anything loose or clunking anywhere?? This all started after taking it to the Dealer for two recalls. The car has been great in every way and is still like new even with 80,000 miles I had only replaced tires, brakes, wipers and plugs. This clunking is driving my wife nuts and i even (told her to turn up the radio) but because it drives her nuts its driving me nuts. Jack PS how many miles on your Edge?