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  1. Sweet! After I recover from my stereo I will be scoring these too!
  2. scoopo

    My Speaker Upgrade Install

    Sorry Lex, I wasn't trying to jack the thread... I got all my stuff installed, and all I can say is WOW! The 682.9 Kappas are awesome! And they do fit in the rear doors just fine. I can't attest to how they sound on a factory head unit but they are very, very nice speakers!
  3. The factory antenna will work. What won't work is the connectors to plug the antenna into the Sirius tuner. I got my new system installed last weekend and ended up with a defective Sirius antenna. I didn't even realize the installer used the Sirius antenna from the box till I happened to notice it on the front of the roof near the top of the windshield. Short term fix atm is that I have three sat antennas on the car: 1 - factory antenna on the spoiler 2 - Sirius antenna on the front right of the roof 3 - Sirius antenna in the center of my dash I did some furious Googling this afternoon and have been in contact with a guy who is going to make an adapter wire for me. As the factory Sirius tuner is in the rear of the spare tire well - HERE - and my new SCC1 tuner is in the center of the dash behind the head unit, I've asked for a 16' wire/adapter. Once the wire is run it's a simple matter of plugging in the ends to their respective connectors. I'll update this after it's installed and working.
  4. scoopo

    Murdered Edge

    Oh, that's awesome!! I've been slowly working on a sort of blackout effect. I must have that grill!!
  5. scoopo

    My Speaker Upgrade Install

    Decent thread with some good info. I've been wanting to upgrade my speakers since I got my Edge, but certain life things happened which caused me to have to wait... until now! My original plan was to replace all my stereo stuff in increments, such as new speakers and a 4-way amp, followed by a new head unit, followed by a sub with mono amp. In the end I chose to buy all my components at once, which I have now done. On to locating a good installer. FYI, I now have in my possession the following: Sony XAV W1 head unit - super-nice 7" touch screen (no nav) Crutchfield asks $700 - scored it for $475 in pristine factory packaging -Sony Sirius tuner and adapter for above -iPod adapter for above -Steering wheel controls adapter for above -(exact model numbers available if someone wants them) 4x Infinty Kappa 682.9cf Crutchfield asks $120 per pair - scored em spankin new for $75 per pair 1x Infinity Kappa 124.7w again, cheaper by shopping online -Q-Logic speaker box for above Rockford Fosgate Punch p400-4 - for the door speakers (they under-rate them. This one states 400 watts but tested at 507 with a max of 1534) Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-1 - for the woofer (this one rates 300 watts, tested at 425 with a max of 1276) other stuff for install includes a RF 4-guage amp install kit (Rockford Fosgate extends the warranty on an amp 1 year if you buy their kit), 1.2 farad Tsunami capacitor, additional RF signal cables, StreetWires power distribution block, baffles for the door speakers, etc Needless to say I'm very excited to get all this installed!
  6. scoopo

    Bought my Edge 2 weeks ago

    Didn't want to start a new thread cuz I've been here before, but... I'm back. Sorry for my disappearance. Life happened. You know how it is sometimes. All is well and the ol Edge is doing wonderfully. Love it! C-ya in the threads!
  7. Thanks, Edgeee and SHIZZY! Edgieguy and Slurp: I honestly don't know how far off anything actually was - numbers-wise that is. You will require a 4-wheel alignment. I recall the guy at the shop saying the rear was pretty far out. They aligned all four corners without trouble. Took a while but no problems. pickupf150: The springs weren't bad. Around $235. The installation and alignment cost me a couple dollars over $460. I'm sure there are better deals to be had, especially if you are buddies with someone at a qualified/capable shop. When I was shopping for prices the Edge was still so new no one had estimates in their books/computers yet. A couple places refused to even quote because of that.
  8. Hey Chad. I've been in one of my "neglect my PC" modes lately. I'm interested but I think I'm going to wait a bit till I figure out what/how/who concerning modding my grill. Paint, powdercoat, something. Could you post a pic?
  9. Haven't been in lately. Personal stuff. Did Jillo already get her set? I've been paying close attention to the cars behind me lately. I've had police cars behind me without trouble. I even backed up to change to a different lane at the bank just as a city cop was pulling in behind me. No trouble. (daylight) I pulled in to a gas station last night with several local cops grouped up as well as a Tennessee State Patrol car. (after dark) I pulled in where my tails were facing them. No way they could have missed them. They were 50-70 feet away. No one said a thing to me and no one followed me out to harass me about them. Yay! I know they are fine but I'm the paranoid type so I keep a lookout. EDIT: By the way, refund received. Thanks Chad!
  10. I guess the rain for days on end brought me a nice cold as a bonus. Been down a couple days so even though it's been sunny I haven't left the house til this evening when we went to dinner. gfhii: Honestly, I think they're fine. They look completely black with the lights off but when the bulbs are lit, even just running lights, they are clearly not "blacked out" - ie obviously not painted black. I reckon you'd have to be dealing with a police officer who has nothing better to do if you were to be harassed you about this alone As you and at least one other was interested in a lighter tint (for NY as well as paint-match reasons) I expect Chad is planning to see about a less dark tint too. As you know this first set was the first he's done on a clear tail light like this. I'll see what I can do in the next day or two about some pictures of the brakes on in the daylight. edgerider: Shoo no, it's not too late. This was just the first group who got together to get a core program started with Chad and his Unique Coatings. Being that I've been away a couple days sick you may have already heard from him via PM. If not message me or him. Pewter Edge: I bought several different LED bulbs but ended up going with the factory ones due to the fact that I was most interested in the brightness cuzza the tinting. The Super White LEDs looked cool and would probably be great with un-tinted lenses. If you're interested I could link ya to the place I got them (there are other threads as well as links previously posted in this thread) Since I'm not going to use the ones I have I'd love to sell them. PM me if you'd like more info, details, price, etc Chad: I'll get with ya tomorrow cc the refund. Thanks! Hodge: As I said to gfhii, I believe Chad is planning a lighter tint for at least another person or two. Once he gets the tint mixture to his liking (these are the first clear, rather than red, lenses he's done) he will undoubtedly be offering light, medium and dark (show only) options. PM me or Chad at your convenience and I have no doubt you can get just what you like. I was ticked, but not surprised, with the timing of my cold. After driving my Edge the other day I backed it in so I could see the tails without going outside. Smart move it seems. :rolleyes: Damn thing sat for days till this evening. When I came out of the steak house it was just getting dark. I unlocked the car and looked again and was just as happy as a clam. I stopped at a store where I know some employees and showed them to a girl I know. She immediately asked "isn't that illegal?". I again unlocked the car with the key/fob so the running lights came on... and she was impressed - said they were NICE! It's really amazing how much light comes through considering how black they look with the lights off. I'm paranoid and waiting for a cop to bug me but unless there's another problem I just don't expect any trouble at all. So far I'm happy as can be with them!
  11. scoopo

    After Market Grills

    LOL! ... but probably not the answer a 6 post new person was looking for -_- Definitely search. But, although I haven't looked in a week or two, billet is about the only option I'm aware of. I'd like to keep my stock grill but powder-coat or paint it black. Thing is the grill ties into the headlights and the fogs mimic the turn signals (which are of course part of the headlight assembly). Personally, I'm holding off on moddin the front till I have a better idea and something I really like. So little exterior/body stuff is available so early on the the life of the Edge/MKX it's kinda hard to find. There are some things but it's taking some time for a lot of it to hit the market. Stereos and other electronic whatnot are a bit easier (if ya got the dough, that is )
  12. Replied to your PM. I shipped out the untinted set back to Chad today. Hi Jon. I sent an email to you but had already started talking to Chad by the time I received a reply. With his unique method I decided to go with him and get a core program started for the Edge. I have no doubt your work is beautiful and now that you have an Edge I expect you'll add these tails to your inventory and website. I'm sure you'll get some customers as well My windows are tinted. I may at some point have additional tint added to the rear windows but I decided to stay nice and legal and had my front windows (and a strip across the top of the windshield) done at 35%. I've got some really bright daytime pictures after I got my wheels that look like there's no tint at all. Here's a couple more (not so good quality) pics of the running lights in the "daylight". It's been raining almost non-stop since 2 minutes before I got home to install the tails on Saturday. As we are having a critical drought I'm not really going to complain... but as usual for me the timing could have been better. Like let it rain before it got cold so I could hand wash my new Edge :rolleyes: In the driveway from about 20 feet Then I went to a big parking lot and walked about 300 feet back. I think the daylight requirements are for the brakes but I didn't have anyone with me to hold the brake pedal so these are just running lights. First one is just to show how far away I was. Seemed further. I thought none of these would even come out. The second one is zoomed with full optical. I believe that's 10x Third is fully zoomed with the additional (I believe)3x for a total of 30x
  13. Ugh. My mouse is acting up and I somehow closed my browser completely when trying to close the emoticon window. So... let's try this again. Sorry folks, the weather is so crappy here today I didn't go anywhere. It did stop raining so I was able to get some "daylight" pictures. Before and after A couple of the left side Right side Some "close-ups" More and better to come, but you get the idea from these.
  14. Ok, here we go. With the way things work for me a few things came up so I wasn't able to get started till almost dark... and it started raining (with a little ice) just before we got home. So I will still need to get out and get some better pictures. Also I ran into a couple things I took pictures of for you guys. Nothing big but I figured I'd give you all any info I can to make it easier for you. The tails come off and on pretty easily. The high-mount was a little tougher. Of all the LEDs I got it went like this: Reverse light bulb doesn't fit through the hole. Super White LED - not as bright as the standard bulb. Red LED - pulling too much current or something. I would unlock the car with the fob so I could see the running lights from behind then the car would not respond to the fob until the lights went out on their own. This only happened with the red LED and went away as soon as I removed it. So, All standard bulbs here. To a few pictures. They aren't that good but I'll get more and better ones asap. Please disregard the state of the garage. Left tail installed, right one stock. Before and after at the same time, as it were. Stock side close up. A couple of the tinted side close up. Pictures suck and don't do them justice. They are absolutely SICK looking against the black paint!! :D Reverse lights lit. Brakes on. Like I said, I didn't bother with comparison pics of the different bulbs as the stock one was clearly brighter as soon as I looked. More pics to come. Sorry these suck. Cold, raining, was backed into the garage then would pull it out halfway and take pics from inside with the overheads off. I'll get these tails boxed up and shipped out on Monday for the next tint session.
  15. The tails arrived today! I had some things going on and decided not to open them till tomorrow (Saturday). Then I couldn't do it and pried the box open and unwrapped em... OMG, these are sooo nice! I can't wait to install them tomorrow and get some pictures! I'll be testing out the different bulbs I have as well I as I can both day and night. Look for pics no later than Monday. Maybe sooner. Probably sooner... but don't spring on me if not I'll be sure to document (again, as best I can) anything I notice that may help you all. Such as how the high-mount assembly which didn't want to cooperate the other day when I was trying to take a quick look-see at the bulbs. Barring anything unforeseen I will have the next set off to Chad on Monday. Soooooon