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    Fuel Mileage Getting Better 'n Better

    It's under: Settings > something > gauges > enhanced gauges
  2. mrdave

    Fuel Mileage Getting Better 'n Better

    I just completed a trip this weekend and was able to get 26mpg, which I think was due to not having the A/C compressor on at all. I've done this trip many times before and usually get around 22mpg while leaving the climate controls on "auto." Does the compressor really cause this much drag? edit: this was probably 50% at 70-75mph and 40% at 60-65mph and 10% stop and go.
  3. I highly doubt they receive money. As far as their vehicle reviews go, they just strike me as uninformed non-auto-enthusiests who think that beige camrys with beige interiors are the best thing to ever come out of the automotive industry.
  4. Well there are still no reasons why, but Google confirmed it no longer will be available:
  5. Exactly. I picture a bunch of old men at CR poking at the MFT screen saying, "Why do automakers need to use all this new fangled technology?! Back in my day we had huge knobs all over the dash and we liked it!!!" As far as jittery and road noise are concerned, I have no idea where they came up with that. My Edge has been the smoothest and quietest vehicle I've ever owned and I love driving it on long trips. Maybe their hearing aids weren't adjusted properly that day.
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    If it's wandering and pulling while on a flat road, try getting an alignment. Also make sure your tires are properly balanced and the tread is in good condition.
  7. I tried sending a location from Google Maps to my SYNC system today and noticed that "Ford" is no longer available as a selection under the "Send To: Car" options. I've used this feature since I purchased my vehicle over 1.5 yrs ago. Anyone know what happened or why it's been desabled?? edit: added attachment
  8. mrdave

    car got keyed :'(

    That really sucks. Will your insurance take care of it? Otherwise here's a pretty good video I found if you want to DIY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hbvnwN8QK0
  9. mrdave


    The best I've used, and continue to use, is Klasse All-in-one (in combination with Klasse Sealant, if you want to get fancy). I've also got decent results from Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax, which is easier to come across and a little cheaper than Klasse, I think. edit: you can get all of these on Amazon: Klasse AIO Klasse Sealant Meguiar's NXT (you can most likely get this locally too)
  10. Can you attach it?? I would really like to have this!
  11. mrdave

    no halos

    So you're upset with your Edge because you didn't do your homework before you bought a CAI to find out that it's a waste of money on these vehicles? And because you can't add chintzy looking halos to the headlights? And because a performance tune doesn't add much power to any non-forced-induction vehicle?
  12. Quite an improvement over stock! Looks great.
  13. mrdave

    Ecoboost MPH

    You can check real world mileage here: http://www.fuelly.com/car/ford/edge/gas%20l4
  14. mrdave

    Edge Charcoal Wheels - pics -

    Try checking ebay's completed listings.