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  1. Cdpratt69

    SCT X4?

    I'm very interested in what you experience thru this process. I am out so much money and even damaged my relationship with the manager of my Ford dealership over the SCT Tuner and trying to get one loaded up on my 2011 Sport. Anything you can pass on would be of great help. I just don't want to throw even more money at this situation without knowing I'm not going to have ANY of the same experiences as I had back in 2013 when I was trying the original tune. Thanks again for the update.
  2. Cdpratt69


    Very nice looking ride bro...
  3. Cdpratt69

    Speaker upgrade

    Yes, the Sony amp is on the back passenger side quarter panel. If you remove that whole piece that covers the rear sub area the amp is mounted forward of that area by about 18 or so inches.
  4. You need to find a new dealership. No dealership should charge you for attempting to find an annoying rattle on a car that is still under warranty!
  5. Cdpratt69

    So Pretty!!!

  6. Cdpratt69

    Front with custom oval

    You have done a really nice job on your Edge. It looks really nice. Very sweet!
  7. Cdpratt69

    SCT X4?

    The SCT X3 was a disaster for me and although I see the 2011 Edge listed as tunable I am afraid to try and upload my tunes again. Last time I tried my ECU could not handle the change and could not be restored to stock. No fun!
  8. Cdpratt69

    3.5" Rockford Fosgate and Infinity speakers for sale

    I'll ship then to you if you cover the nominal shipping cost on either or both pair of speakers. I don't know if the 3.5" would go in the back of an 08 though. There is probably a mount in those doors that fit a 5x7 speakers so it would have to be modified to fit the 3.5" or you may have to find or make a different bracket.
  9. I have a pair of RF 3.5" speakers that are unopened that I would like to sell. I also have a pair of Infinity 3.5" 3032CF speakers for sale. Both sets are in the box and have never been opened or installed. These speakers can be used to upgrade your D-pillar speakers or the center channel speaker. I'll take the first $40 offered for either pair plus my shipping cost or I will sell both sets to one person for $75 plus shipping.
  10. Surf City +1 :happy feet: Although I am fully aware there is better stuff available, I like where the price point and quality meet in the surf city products. We are talking about hand-blended wax here for instance that costs under $25 or less. Plus, it smells good enuf to eat. Btw, I tried a bit and I really don't recommend any of it for your digestive tract.
  11. Cdpratt69

    Who has a Galaxy S4?

    Why would one even want a Galaxy S-whatever in the first place? j/k
  12. Cdpratt69

    Car show SPL

    Mine is obnoxiously loud but only in the mid-upper 120's on the dB levels and it can become quite painful. I just can't imagine what those 140's must feel like. Damn wicked, I can only assume.
  13. Cdpratt69

    Car show SPL

    That is jet engine loud. Can one actually sit inside a vehicle at those sound levels? And yes, that Nissan is stupid-nice. He obviously has a ton of extra cash to throw down on his vehicle. Either that or he is single with a reasonable job and still lives in his parent's basement.
  14. Cdpratt69

    pic of your car - right now

    You will be glad you did