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    Huge Noise when rear wind open at high speed

    WHen I open front windows fully, the huge noise is gone. That noise make me crazy.
  2. michael.li9

    Huge Noise when rear wind open at high speed

    No, the sunroof is always close during that test. I didn't test what will happen when I open sunroof.
  3. michael.li9

    Huge Noise when rear wind open at high speed

    I mean that noise is huge, everyone will be headache under that noise. I even if open both rear window, nothing changes. I drove Taurus and Caravan before and not experience this issue. Is that normal?
  4. 2011 SEL with sunroof. Not quiet as expected when all the window close. When open the rear windows, right or left or both, I will hear a huge noise when speed faster than 50km/h,It looks like a resonance between wind and something. But I can't figure out where. Any idea?
  5. Just installed 2 way remote start for 2011 edge. But sometime it doesn't work. It is enter disengage mode. I don't know what caused it and how to disable or avoid it. by the way, it looks like the remote keyfob is response very slowly. I have to press the button for a long time like 3 second, it start send message out.
  6. Hi, Just bought 2011 Edge SEL. But I feel lots of noise, like wind noise and road noise. The liftgate latch doen'st work well. I brought it in Metro Ford. But those guys don't hear it and keep the car for 4 days and can't anything. oh, they fixed the mirror TSB under my recommend. But not much difference after that. So please recommend a good reputation dealer ship for service in calgary. Thnaks
  7. michael.li9

    2011 AWD Ford Edge - Fixed the leaky PTU?

    The same quesiton. Did ford fix the issue in 2011?
  8. michael.li9

    PTU Fixed

    still good?