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  1. Drove round trip from LA to SF this weekend. Was very pleased with the Edge's performance. The only thing I was irritated by, was the traffic alert function on screen which seems to require a move by the driver to take their eyes off the road to make a selection of Details/Ignore/Avoid. Is there any way to disable this function? I find it highly distracting and rarely accurate... on this trip anyhow.
  2. Has anyone in warmer areas experienced the MFT screen freezing on a hot day? Temps here in L.A. reached 101 today. I met a friend for lunch where my Edge Sport was parked in the sun. When I returned to the car, needless to say, it was pretty hot inside. I drove away and noticed that my phone had not connected yet so I touched the upper left to go to the phone menu, and the screen was frozen. Shortly thereafter, the screen went black except for the colored four corners, clock and temp frozen. The temp and time in the speedo cluster were not frozen and although I was able to use sync commands to work radio, Nav and Phone were disabled. Got home and let the car cool for 30 minutes, started it again, and everything was fine. I did notice that upon start-up, the time was 3 hours ahead of local time. Then, within 10 seconds or so, the time adjusted to local time. It gets pretty hot here in SoCal.. is this something I'm going to experience repeatedly this summer?
  3. LALarry

    MFT v2.7 update

    Are there any noticeable differences you see in the two versions?
  4. LALarry

    loud bang

    Nope. No banging transmission
  5. LALarry

    New Wheels poll?

    Definitely #2
  6. LALarry

    So this is the new, improved Sync Gen2 V2?

    I too baby mine. I cringe when I throw my '11 Edge Sport into reverse bringing up the camera without letting the home screen fully load. Doing so seems to be a recipe for trouble. I've also learned not to ask the nav to find a location based on the name. It didn't want to understand "Kinko's", and after asking it 3 or 4 times (each time changing the tone or infliction in my voice) the Nav got as frustrated as I did, and crashed the system. Hello Sync maintenance re-boot screen!
  7. Two weeks ago I had no problem setting up a screen shortcut in the Climate quadrant for easy access to my seat warmers. Now, since the weather is getting warmer, I'd like to change the "shortcut" to something else. For the life of me, I can't remember where the shortcut can be programmed. I feel like I've looked everywhere for it. Anyone know offhand?
  8. LALarry


    I went outside specifically to to change the clock. What a pleasant surprise to find out the clock had changed on it's own!
  9. As a previous owner of a 2007 BMW X5, I can tell you that my '11 Edge Sport is up to par with the likes of my Bimmer. I actually like it more than the Bimmer.
  10. LALarry

    Sirius quality not woth the money...

    Meh. That's my take on it. I like the sound quality and the selection. What I don't like is the loss of signal when I'm stuck or traveling slow under an overpass
  11. LALarry

    Blinker Volume

    Good question. I agree. The blinker volume ia quickly drowned out and I often need to check if it's on or not. It would be great if it were adjustable but I've yet to come across a way to increase the volume
  12. LALarry

    Car Wash & Valet

    Gee, yeah.. Kinda figured that one out on my own.
  13. It seems that this should be an option that I can set myself, but I can't find it.
  14. Just curious as to where others who have IA keys leave your fob when sending your Edge through the car wash, or when leaving the car with a valet
  15. Just curious as to where others who have IA keys leave your fob when sending your Edge through the car wash, or when leaving the car with a valet