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  1. The view after removing that drawer
  2. What year is it? If 15 or newer it’s to left of steering wheel by knee height. It’s almost useless except for shining a flashlight. You will need to go under the dash as the fuse panel is tucked up way inside i used the top left fuse I think number 23
  3. Guessing it’s a 2011 or newer. The settings screen to left of speedometer will give you the option to adjust the remote start settings
  4. tpm419419

    Sync 3 2016 upgrade to CarPlay

    Agree. I myself am going to wait to see if it’s updated via WiFi
  5. tpm419419

    Sync 3 2016 upgrade to CarPlay

    Sync 3 3.0 is out
  6. On my 16 I'm pretty sure #37 is on the bottom, left side ( pretty hard to see but it appears that way ) 23 is at the top
  7. With cubby removed Sorry, posted twice
  8. Very hard to get to on a 16 model. That taken from the cubby drawer removed
  9. That cubby drawer even has an electrical lightning symbol ( at least on my 16 )
  10. tpm419419

    Sync 3 2016 upgrade to CarPlay

    Someone on Facebook said they were auto updated via wifi in February to 2.2. Anyone else get the update via wifi?
  11. I have the update, this is what I can't understand with Ford. It works fine so what are they waiting for? We are only maybe 1% of people on this thread and the other 99% are still waiting. I know I was promised by my salesman back in April of 2016 I would get CarPlay by summer ( 2016 ). With no mention of any cost
  12. Amazing that Ford hasn't released Apple CarPlay software update. What are they waiting for?
  13. What is Ford waiting on? Almost mid March and no public release. I haven't heard of a single issue with those that downloaded and installed it. Only thing I would suggest is a button to exit or enter CarPlay. Right now you need to disconnect the lightning cable from phone
  14. tpm419419

    Sync 3 2016 upgrade to CarPlay

    Right angle extension
  15. tpm419419

    Sync 3 2016 upgrade to CarPlay

    I use a small 6" USB extension to plug my phone in