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  1. 2nd SUCCESS. Thanks to Wubster100's work on this. I did buy a new lower grill and radar mount. I am waiting for the new steering wheel switch so I can change the distance on the fly, it is stuck on 3 right now. (I am pretty sure this can be changed with Forscan, but not on the fly of course.) This mod will only work on 2019 and later Edges. It is limited to 30mph and above ACC. As far as I know all US and Canada Edges, model year 2019 and later come standard with correct camera in the mirror housing. They most likely have the bus wiring all the way to the front bumper. Wubster and I are hoping to create a how to guide once we get the steering wheel switches installed and configured. All that will be needed is the radar unit, radar mount and a short 4 wire harness. Less then 10 changes to be done with Forscan.
  2. Thanks, I think I ordered the wrong one on ebay. It said it was for the Edge and the broken bracket looked correct. But it had a different number. KT4T-9G853-AG. I guess I will have to hook it up and see what happens.
  3. Wow, this is exciting. I don't care about stop and go. Can you put together a cook book version of how you did this? What parts are needed and what needs to be done in Forscan?
  4. Here is the lower grill for the 2019 Edge. I wonder if there is an actual difference?
  5. I have a 2019 ST with ACC and the shutters are not a problem. Getting a solid and adjustable mount without buying the lower grill might be an issue. But it is not an impossible task. Hopefully connector 193 is already there. Hopefully you can see if 192 has the needed wires when you have the bumper off.
  6. Being able to do everything with Forscan would be great. I never thought to look in the Fusion forums. I'll take a look over there and get up to speed. One other part that will be needed is the lower grill. Fortunately it is pretty cheap. ~$60. Plus the radar mounting hardware. I will check our 2019 Edge and see if the Radar +/- twisted pair wires are attached to the camera in the mirror. Maybe Ford had the wires in all the wiring bundles. I would also be able to make the wiring harness additions if needed. I have all the tools in house.
  7. I will be following your progress closely. From reading the F150 posts, I think there is one programming step that cannot be done with Forscan. It has to be done using Ford equipment. Did you find this in your searches?
  8. Swap out the components from an Edge ST. We own an SEL and ST from 2019 and there is a noticeable difference in the suspensions.
  9. I got the shock. It looks like the quality is OK. But who can tell from the outside. I measured the resistance of the actuator and it is within spec. The 4.2 ohms measured would yield ~3 amps at full load. So 50% will yield ~ 1.5 amps. From what I read I think that 2 amps is the max it should draw.
  10. I finally bought a new shock from China for a reasonable price. I am hopeful that it functions properly. I have not found anyone who will let me hook up an oscilloscope to their adaptive suspension equipped vehicle. Still I think I can make some headway. I plan on making a jig to hold the shock which allows me to compress it and then time how long it takes to bully extend. Once that is done I will just start testing values. From what I have read they are probably using a fairly low frequency for the PWM. I will start with 200 Hz and 50% duty cycle and see what happens. It could take many tests to determine values that work. Luckily I am retired, so time it not the issue. I will report back on my progress.
  11. I want to add ACC to my wifes 2019 SEL. The sales a*****e convinced us that the car came with ACC. We did not figure it out until the next day and they would not do anything to help us. There are long threads on the F150 forum about this. I have looked into it and I am sure it is possible, but there is a risk that it will not work. I cannot confirm the changes that would need to be made using Forscan for the Edge. Probably the same as the F150, but who knows. I do have a sheet that shows the difference in a 2019 Edge with and without ACC. The cost would be between $500 and $1,000. https://www.f150forum.com/f118/2019-adding-adaptive-cruise-454662/index8/
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