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  1. Good news about the Harbor Freight option.
  2. I there any way to do this without a spring compressor?
  3. johnmarkp

    Adding Adaptive suspension to my ST

    I have done some research in this and I think it can be done. This would be for the adjustable shocks only, not the full adaptive setup. I did confirm that they use a 12 volt PWM system. Most likely this can be replicated with an Arduino and the their motor shield. I am trying to find a shock at a junk yard to use as a test bed. I would take it apart and work on moving the solenoid. New ones are over $200. I am not sure how to non-destructively test it. Maybe a long lever to see how difference frequencies and PWM affect the damping. This is not an ideal way to do the testing. Anyone have a better idea how to test this?
  4. johnmarkp

    Noisy hinge cover on arm reast

    The noises were not from hinges. The small plastic panel that has the hinge guards attached was the culprit. Circled in the picture in green. I used plastic epoxy to tie it to the plastic part that has the arm rest cushion on it. That stopped the noise. The small panel cannot be removed without breaking the tabs that hold it in place.
  5. johnmarkp

    Adding Adaptive suspension to my ST

    Haz, Thanks. Getting the full system to work would take a lot of work. Not sure if it can even be turned on in software on an Edge. I could still do a dumb system that only changes the shock damping if I can figure out the voltage used and the PWM range. Probably 12 volts. Maybe some brave forum member has this on their Lincoln and can measure the voltage with an oscilloscope.I am not holding my breath. I will try and find a shock somewhere to play with. I can use an Arduino to create the PWM signal. John
  6. I love most everything about my 2019 ST. The bumpy ride at low speeds does get to be a pain. I am pretty sure that the shocks from a Lincoln Nautilus will fit my car. While adding the full Nautilus active suspension is theoretically possible, the cost and degree of difficulty are high. I am wondering if I could add just the adjustable shocks? What I don't know is how they are controlled. Most likely by adjusting the shock dampers using variable voltage. If I could get the voltage range, I could create the control system to vary the shock ratio. Does anyone know which system they use on the shocks? I am sure that the service manual would include this information. Thanks in advance. John
  7. On my 2019 ST I get creaking noises from the arm rest. I am pretty sure it is caused by the cover for the hinge and hinge arms. See the attached. Does anyone know how to take this apart? I don't want to just start pulling it apart and hoping for the best. John
  8. I was having trouble with a strange noise coming from the center console. It would come and go with no apparent cause. Well it turned out to be a water bottle in the cup holder. Others can probably replicate this. Take a half liter bottle of Dasani, drink some of it and put it in the passenger side cup holder. The noise it makes is not what I would expect from a thin plastic bottle.
  9. Is anyone else having trouble getting their Ford. Our car was built on the 19th of November. They will not ship the car, they will not tell us why they will not ship it. They will not tell us when it will ship. I have heard that there maybe hundreds of Fords on quality hold. It is not related to the 1.6L Eco Boost issue according to the dealer. We ordered the car in mid September and still nothing. A heck of a way to run a company?? At least they could tell us what is going on. John
  10. I actually did a lot of research on this. The headlight housing is the same. Ford removes the plastic under the ballast to run the wires through. There is a different wire set inside as well. The whole projector assembly is different. There is no way to remove it and replace it without cutting the headlight assembly. The assembly is poly propylene so it can not be glued. It must be welded using PP welding strips. One 20 amp circuit needs to be added to each assembly. If you can get this all done then you have to have a dealer reprogram the computer to accept the 35 watt bulb. I do not know if there is a 55 watt version of the bulb available. The HID projector assemblies and ballasts come up on epay once in a while. You can use these parts from the Lincoln as well. There is no auto leveler in the Ford version. The case looks to be designed to work with one. Right now the projector assembly is bolted to a plastic ring that can only be manually adjusted for height. I my opinion the OEM HID assemblies can be put into the none HID housing. I did not do the modification because my Edge is a company car and I could not see cutting up the headlight assembly as an acceptable thing. If I owned it I would have done the work.