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  1. the64game

    Edge Lowering Springs

    Any pictures of the springs and the edge lowered?
  2. the64game

    Edge Lowering Springs

    What's the brand?
  3. the64game

    DTBL (v1) and Chrome Grille set FS (2011+)

    Do you have pics with the v1 installed and on?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDvK0LOrKgs&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  5. rockballer its been like 3 weeks since installed i will do another video and post of start up and rev in a day or two... its changing... for the better.
  6. Here are the pictures I have to take one more of the h pipe... And load it sorry...
  7. the64game

    Installing rear springs

    Any pics of before and after???
  8. Thanks cellbine... its getting more rumbly by the day and start up is nice too...
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sIZUW4Wvd8&feature=youtube_gdata_player the inside of the cabin with windows closed
  10. I will put some inside the cabin vids up but it's not loud at all even in the back seats. More to come...
  11. I finally did it I had a custom exhaust installed in my Sport I did two magnaflow mufflers removed the oem resonator and had a custom H pipe installed in front of 2 small resonators. I reused the tips since they look good already. I will post pictures soon of the mufflers and piping. Looking for some feedback here too good bad or indifferent... http://youtu.be/9Km2JYCdLVU This is idle to drive away http://youtu.be/OQv5WvnnUT8 This the drive by...
  12. Has anyone removed the middle muffler and do you have a video with sound... I have 2013 sport and want it sound better?
  13. the64game


    Looks good like the wheels and kit...
  14. the64game

    License Plate Removal

    Looks awesome but does your state require a front plate on your vechiles... Here in CT we have to... Great work though....
  15. When I installed my springs I had to cut the dust boot on the front struts since it was lowered and rubbing and when I turned the wheel and hit bumps. You won't even have to pull it apart again, just pull the wheel and use a razor blade and cut off the bottom part of the cover that fixed my problem... Hope that helps...