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  1. candurin

    2011 - 2015 Items for Sale

    Remote Access Unit has been sold. Thanks! Ill drop the mats to $150 and the wheels to $900. The lights will stay at $200 as they are just a few months old and sitting in the original packaging. I’ll entertain offers as they are just going to go up on eBay.
  2. candurin

    2011 - 2015 Items for Sale

    Today, I parted with my beloved 2012 Ford Edge that I put much time, effort and enjoyment into. I have a few items that I took off the car before trading in: All items are in excellent condition. I'll gladly provide pics if anyone is interested in something, please let me know. Shipping will be extra and I will let you know cost if you send me a zip code. 1. WeatherTech mats (https://www.weathertech.com/ford/2012/edge/floorliner-digitalfit/edge-front-seat-type/power/) for 1st & second row, as well as cargo liner (https://www.weathertech.com/ford/2012/edge/cargo-liner/ - $200 for all mats 2. Remote Access starter (DL3Z19G364A) - I am selling the remote access module only, which allows you to use your cell phone to start/stop/unlock etc. You MUST ALREADY HAVE a remote starter installed and this would plug into the VSS/RMST module. This is only an add-on module and requires a $50/year subscription from ford to use your cell phone - $150 3. Daytime BriteLites - Shadow Black Tail lights, just purchased in April, zero scratches or marks (https://drivebright.com/shop/ford-edge-led-tail-light-set-lh-rh-complete-replacement-tail-light-assembly/) - $200 4. Enkei ONX 20" black wheels (http://enkei.com/shop/wheels/performance/new-onx/), These are the all black versions. - $1000 for all 4 wheels, including black lug nuts (slightly scuffed, but they were only $30 for 25 pieces on amazon). Let me know if you need pics. I'll entertain all offers.
  3. candurin

    Trading in my Edge...

    It’s been a great run. 7 years and 4 months and we’ve decided to part ways with the edge. It’s been having some issues (2nd brake booster needs replacing, hydraulic ABS controller, PTU needs replacing) and I don’t even have 85k miles. I’m not interested in putting $3k plus into the car. So, my wife and I decided on a fully loaded 2019 CX-5 signature and are taking delivery on 9/30 when I get back from India. The dealer actually gave us a very generous offer on the trade in. It is the same dealer we purchased the edge from (Chapman Ford/Mazda - fantastic dealer!). Just wanted to thank everyone for the support and letting me be a part of the edge forum community for the latter part of the past decade. I’ll stop in from time to time and check out what’s new. In the meantime, I’ll have a bunch of parts I’m pulling from my edge before trading in and I’ll post in the classifieds section. Again, it was a fun and enjoyable ride!
  4. Clearly you don’t live in a city, or anywhere in Jersey. The horn has a lot of different meanings in NY/NJ. In 25+ years of driving, I can’t recall a day where I haven’t used it.
  5. candurin

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    Since you are on 3.0.2, feel free to update to 3.10. 3.10 should be available when you log into the Ford support site.
  6. I keep the sunshade closed on my BAMR as well. It is unfortunate for the MJ’s as they are great glasses.
  7. I’ve been keeping mine in the overhead storage for 7 years and never had this issue. You can always put your glasses in a sock (the microfiber drawstring bags) or cover with a microfiber cloth when putting in the storage bin. That should help.
  8. candurin

    Apple Car Play

    All you need is a plastic trim pry bar. It takes minutes (really!) to swap out the old hub for the new one.
  9. Duane, You are on Sync 2. Sync 3 was introduced in 2016 on the Edge. It seems as though your camera may truly be on the way out, based on what you describe. I would try and reconfigure using the proper sync setting (although I’m not sure that is the cause of your issue). No need to spend $2000 at all. I did it for just over $200 and under an hour of my time, assuming you have a few basic tools (Torx and flathead screwdrivers, sockets, etc): https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/11361-rear-view-camera-guidelines-are-missing/?do=findComment&comment=198575
  10. candurin

    Finally, new wheels and tires.

    Those look pretty good and a lot better than those caliper covers! I might have to put them on. I went with black wheels, but, I didn’t feel like re-plasti dipping my wheels. I’ll use them in the winter with dedicated snow tires.
  11. No worries. If I recall there was two distinct items that needed recalibration in forscan when I replaced my camera.
  12. Was this the original camera or a replacement? Try recalibrating the Parking Aid Module first.
  13. Is it a standard halogen bulb in the reverse socket? It almost sounds like there is a single filament bulb when a dual filament one is needed. Are you the original owner and has the bulbs ever been replaced to your knowledge? I cant imagine water got into the housing. I recall the bulb issue with my Jetta many years ago. It is likely nothing to do with the bulb, but just spitballing. Try and pick up replacement bulbs from a local auto store and see if that fixes it.
  14. Just installed build 19205 (JR3T-14G381-AS). It can be downloaded directly from the US Ford IVSU binaries site, if you know how to manually change URL or you can find it on the Russian site. I won’t post the link, Updated in 10 minutes and all is working great!
  15. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/11361-rear-view-camera-guidelines-are-missing/?do=findComment&comment=198575