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  1. Mazz

    Sony in 2013 Ford Edge SEL

    It would be a HUGE undertaking. The Sony system is integrated with the climate, MFT, and who knows what else. Not something that is plug and play, that's for sure.
  2. Mazz

    Cant fill gas tank on automatic

    Sounds typical of a clogged fuel vent system, or one that has a failed solenoid valve.
  3. Mazz

    Cant fill gas tank on automatic

    Sounds typical of a clogged fuel vent system, or one that has a failed solenoid valve.
  4. Mazz

    Edge Sport 2012 has landed in Switzerland

    Your English is fine. No need to apologize. There are lots of posts on lighting, so you may want to read up in those areas.
  5. Mazz

    Ford online service requests

    Dealer I go to does not participate in this program. May be that yours does not either. Only way to find out is to call the dealer's service department and ask.
  6. Mazz

    Fog lights on 2012 Edge?

    I as well. Wonder if the black panel at the bottom of the grill would be a mounting option. I've got a limited, not a sport, so it may be different on the sport. Too many other projects on the home front right now though.
  7. Mazz

    Can you add Nav to MFT?

    Been asked on this forum before. I believe the answer is "no".
  8. Mazz

    Spark plug/tune-up cost?

    For those of us who are rocket scientists, however, it's sometimes better to let someone who is a real mechanic work on our cars.
  9. Mazz

    22" TSW Snetterton

  10. Mazz

    open forum for discussion? i think not!

    Ditto And to add to that, akirby, in my opinion, does an excellent job moderating this forum. It's a thankless job and the pay ain't the best.
  11. Mazz

    2011 body panels

    Must be yours. The panels, doors, hood, and hatch are all fitted very well with even gaps and everything is flush on mine.
  12. Mazz

    Am I missing something?

    So there is a time warp.
  13. Mazz

    No Fogs on 2011 Edge!

    Well, I don't need them, other than to light the road sides. Live in a rural area with a lot if deer. Plus, when we get fog, which we had four days last week, it is thick.
  14. Mazz

    No Fogs on 2011 Edge!

    The only thing that I do not like about my 2011 Edge Limited, is the fact that it does not have fog lights. Not even an option! I'm looking at adding them myself. Not liking anything that sticks out or looks added on; so I'm thinking of adding some 2" round Hellas behind the black panel below the chrome grille. Need to let the weather warm up a bit to check from the underside to see if there is room and a mounting point. Has anyone added true fog lights to theirs? If so, what did you use and how did you mount them?
  15. Mazz

    Looking for a 2011 Edge-questions

    I've got a Limited. Can't help you on the seats, since I only drove a Limited. Not sure if they insulate the Limited more or not. Would stand to reason. As far as the radio goes, the non-Sony radio is terrible. Spoke to the owner of the dealer where I bought mine, he said a lot of people test drive an SEL and listen to the radio, then drive a Limited, and listen to the radio, and they buy the Limited based on the radio. Of course, that is anecdotal evidence at best, and merely reflects opinion.