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    Real snow usage

    My wife want's an AWD Edge for winter driving. Can anyone tell me how their AWD is working for them in real snow conditions. Thanks
  2. Here's one I left out with the SEMA pics.
  3. I usually switch all my bulbs out to Silverstars I like the look better and they are brighter. Some vehicles are brighter than others. I have not looked it up but does anyone know if you can put Silverstars in the active headlights of the MKX?
  4. That is very clean looking a set of springs would make even better looking. Do you have any idea the width of those wheels?
  5. Unless you are really stuck on the idea of the factory 20s I would get some quality aftermarket rims and tires. Either way it will not be cheap but my guess is that aftermarket would be cheaper unless you finds factory ones on E bay. Good luck with your search.
  6. For pimps or senior citizens...
  7. KSN177

    SEMA pics

    I though the result would be closer to drawing... barrysdrawing.bmp
  8. I know there is a photo gallery but I figured more people look in here and may get mod ideas. I found these pictures whiles surfing. I know some are ugly but beauty is in the eye of the holder. If anyone finds a shot of the finished product MKX that Barry's Speed Shop was doing let me know.
  9. I was thinking about a set when you posted this now it's a must. 1 week 1 ding. I am hoping that they mught go right over the ding.
  10. Well we took the plunge and got my lovely wife a 2008 MKX. She absolutely loves the vehicle as does the whole family. While we were buying it she said "you are going to get me wheels and tires right?". First off she doesn't care for a lip on the wheels she likes the flat face look but not stock. We were thinking of 20" TSW Vortex in chrome since they are similar to the Q5s she had on her Acura. The largest they come in is 20" with widths of 8.5 and 10. I told her if we get 20s she should drop it because of the large gap which would probably be they case for 22s as well. I have seen the pics in the galleries but not all the details are in there. I would like to see as many pics as any of you guys/girls can provide with the details like width, diameter and tire sizes as well as opinions on ride also any spring info. She would not mind a stiffer ride but would like it smoother that her Acura that had 18s with 45s and definetly not want the rubbing. Anything you can privide would be helpful.
  11. Only car I have never had problems with is Acura and Honda but most of their cars are hideous now (IMO) in fact we traded in a 2004 Acura TL on the MKX. My wife hated the looks of the MDX and it rode like it was a cheap suv. Oh well I hope BleedingEdge got what he liked and hope we made a good choice.
  12. KSN177

    Bra for your Edge?

    I swear by the clear bras. If at all possible I drive any cars I buy directly to my the tint and clear bra shop. I have everything that is painted on the front end done as well as head lights, door handle pockets and below the back hatch. It is not cheap but I never have to deal with the chips at all and I live in an area they but sand on the roads in the winter. Hope that helps.
  13. Anyone know the details on Bleededges setup? It appears to be 22s without a drop.
  14. Here they are on an Edge.
  15. I also found these and they seemed pretty cool looking. This is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Unfortunately all the flat face 5 spoke wheels tap out at 20 in.
  16. Thanks for all the information folks you all have some great looking Edges/MKXs. No offense to anyone but my wife really likes the look and stance of ramhi4x's setup. ramhi4x are you out there I would like any details like wheel width etc you can provide. My wife is worried about switching the springs out so does anyone have pics of 22s without drop. Sorry fols I don't mean to be a pain I just would like to do it right the 1st time. -Kevin
  17. Thanks for the info and support. If possible can you guys provide wheel width of your aftermarket setup as well as tire sizes. The wheels my wife likes (TSW Vortex) come in a max diameter of 20 in and 8.5 and 10 in width. I want to make sure it doesn't look like stock but I think a 10 in width will be too wide. Thanks again..
  18. Just a newbie saying Hi. I am not an owner but my wife is hinting a lot. I will be asking a lot of opinions here so bear with me.
  19. KSN177

    Real snow usage

    Thanks, thats reassuring. Any other snow evaluations, folks?
  20. I saw a black Fusion with it's grill painted and it looked great. IMO
  21. KSN177

    Will Fusion Wheels fit my Edge?

    I think the Fusion wheels would look awesome. Does anyone think that the vehicle weight could pose a prob?