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  1. Yes this is for a 2007-2010 Edge, I'll update the listing
  2. Bump, time to do some cleaning! This can ship out tomorrow
  3. SOLD!!! I traded in my Edge and have some items for 2007-2010 Edge left over which include: Mobile One M1-201 oil filter 2x Cabin filter Mirror glass for both sides Light bulbs 3x 4157 1x 9005 4 lug nuts I no longer need this stuff and would only charge for shipping - $15 seems fair to continental US. SOLD!!!
  4. DunePearlEdge

    Brake Booster DIY

    My car started making the hissing sound. I ordered a new brake booster. Can I drive the car 50-100 miles a day until the weekend when I can fix it? (Don't mind the hard pedal; used to be a wanna-be bodybuilder) FYI my car is a 2007 SEL with 113xxx miles.
  5. Is there a central point under the back of the car, maybe the tow hitch or differential, where I can jack the back of the car up to get both back wheels off the ground? I'll need to spin the wheels to align the driveshaft bolt holes.
  6. Thanks again WWWP, removing the AWD fuse has eliminated the vibration.
  7. DunePearlEdge

    Any way to turn AWD off?

    Have you tried this before? Does the VSC kick in?
  8. Thanks again. I'm going to order the 2 piece/single bearing driveshaft for the 2008+ models from Benny. In the mean time I will remove the shaft so I can operate the car vibration free until the new shaft arrives.
  9. Thanks WWWPerfA_ZN0W I contacted him and will look locally. Would a Jiffy Lube sell a part like this direct to me? For the time being, is there any harm in removing the center shaft completely and operating the car in FWD?
  10. WWWPerfA_ZNOW it looks like you're right; the driveshaft is sold as an entire unit: http://www.fordparts.com/Commerce/CatalogResults.aspx?y=2007&m=Ford&mo=Edge#Search Are there any other places online that might sell this driveshaft; hopefully for less than Ford.
  11. That is the connection at the rear of the driveshaft below the fuel tank, is that the RDU or PTU? I don't remember that area being oily but I'm not 100% confident on that. Is there a way to check?
  12. I noticed some slight vibration in the drivetrain of my 2007 AWD Edge. Upon closer inspection it looks like the both center driveshaft bearings need replacement - I can see daylight around the black rubber (see the attached picture) and I can wiggle them around with my hand. I assume this isn't normal. Can these bearings be replaced without replacing the entire driveshaft? You can see the two bearings in this fancy drivetrain image: http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/200704/2007-ford-edge-17_600x0w.jpg
  13. Thanks CinnamonEdge. I tightened them myself and it helped a lot. If I show the dealer this picture I don't think they'll believe me - although I did notice the blue falling off the bolt as they were tightened so it's clear they weren't previously tightened in the picture.
  14. Are these bolts left untightened correct? I have a lot of vibration. My 2007 Ford Edge was at the dealer today for a fuel tank replacement due to a recall. To replace it they have to unbolt the rear driveshaft. The car vibrated a lot (much more than usual) on the ride home. Is this normal? The bolts can be spun by finger.