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  1. Do you have a diagram of how to access it..
  2. A truck was gracious enough to fix my problem this morning...
  3. I purchased an aftermarket trailer hitch and all that is left is to do the wiring to the battery. I wanted to know what route have some of you used (without having the wire exposed under the frame) to get it to the battery. Or have some of you spliced the power from another source (ie: Power Liftgate, rear 12v plug)
  4. I have this exact same problem w/my 2013 Limited. We had a heavy rain fall last night and I found a small puddle of water in my two cup holders this morning.
  5. Nope. and I have BLIS so I can imagine a dealer replacement would cost much more that it's worth the annoyance to me.
  6. Tonight leaving the gym I noticed that one of the small amber bulbs in my turn signal light (for oncoming cars) is burnt. Has anyone ever changed just the light unit on this w/o changing the whole mirror housing? Here's a stock photo for reference...
  7. I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I've tried to reach out to Dan via email but he's not answering - my driver side light of the HID conversion kit stopped working. A side from taking everything apart and swapping between driver side vs passenger side - how can I pinpoint if the problem is the bulb, or the ballast?
  8. IMO I would just go with Dan's kit. Simple to install on our Canadian Edge's.
  9. I ended up choosing Dan's kit - very happy with it and the light output is simply great. Only trouble I had a was a broken clip on the ballast connector that I'm waiting upon Dan for an answer on replacing.. I used the fender locations for grounds on Dan's kit. And being a CDN Ford Edge, I needed to install the harness. The resistors were a little tricky to place as they really do get hot (accidentally held one!) and I didn't want it to melt anything. Passenger side there is a nice spot just towards the firewall where a zip tie can hold down the resistor near the resevoir. For the driver side, I found two holes located on the frame just below the air box that would take a zip tie with some bending + trial and error and it fit there easily. How did you explain it to your dealer to have it reprogrammed? My dealer tech is dismissing me by saying there is no method to change the DRL sequence..
  10. I'm just wondering how did other Canadian owners explain to their local dealer that they wanted to have the DRL re-programmed? Here in Montreal, I'm pretty sure the dealerships (a) wouldn't know what i'd be talking about ( be weary of doing this for 'safety concerns'
  11. krazykanuck

    What size Winter Rims & Tires for 2013 Edge AWD

    I Have the same vehicle as you. I put 17" edge sel rims on as I didn't want to have to worry about offset and Center rings. Found a pair for cheap (550 shipped) from eBay. The tires are blizzaks that were once on my trailblazer SS, no rubbing at all
  12. I have a 2013 Limited and I'm thinking about changing the rear chrome trim on the trunk with a tuxedo black version (similar to the Sport model) . Does anyone here know how to remove the moulding? Most likely I will be ordering a replacement part from ebay and having a local paint shop spray it for me. Unless someone is able to point me towards an already painted one...
  13. krazykanuck

    Driver seat moving

    Mine too. Usually just position it a bit and it re-locks into place