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  1. I have LED's everywhere with no issues, including the switchbacks up front, all mine came from VLEDS.
  2. jackson0360

    My Sport

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    Just saying hi. New 2012 Edge Limited

    I loved the Edge since it was introduced, but drove one on vacation and was hooked, bought one 2 months later. Welcome to American quality and strength.
  4. jackson0360

    New Lower Rocker Panel for 2012?

    I noticed these on member "threeohfour" also, I like the way the look over the ones I have on my 2011 LTD. it would be nice to get the skinny on the part.
  5. jackson0360

    wheels and lowering

    I picked out the same wheel for my 2011, but in 20" and I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Please post some pics, my help me fire away.
  6. jackson0360

    Rear Turn signals in red LED

    Nope, plug n play all the way. I read enough from all the posts here to realize you get what you pay for, all I had to do was spread the contacts on the bulb out a little and check the polarity. I have V-LED's "Switchback" LEDs up front and in my backup lights. I never thought before my Edge I would ever pay $130 for light bulbs.......but it is worth it, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from other motorheads.
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    Rear Turn signals in red LED

    I bought the 54 LED tail/brake light replacement units from V-LEDs. As for legality....IDK, there are a lot of new vehicles running around with all red tail light lens.
  8. jackson0360

    Rear Turn signals in red LED

    Let me know what you think, I will get a shot at night also. IMG_0856.MOV
  9. jackson0360

    Rear Turn signals in red LED

    I thought it was you, but I could not find the thread, anyway, I really love the way the red pops and then goes back to clear or dark depending on the time of day.
  10. jackson0360

    Rear Turn signals in red LED

    I read a couple of weeks ago where one of you guys didn't like the amber bulbs as turn signals on the rear, I liked that thought. So, I ordered a set of red V-LEDs for ther rear of mine......I love them. I am not sure who mentioned this, but thanks. Oh, and my front switch-backs should be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow....yea!
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    Pics & Vid of my Modded Exhaust...

    Looks and sounds great!
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    i can't but notice your rocker panels look different than stock, is this something new for 2013?
  13. jackson0360

    2011 Ford Edge Light Bulb Chart

    I have an interesting question, Way are the rear turn single bulbs dual elements?