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  1. $50 + shipping for the Nifty Catch-it carpet All weather mats.
  2. $35 + shipping for sunshade
  3. $85 + shipping for the weathertech Cargo liner and 2nd row liner.
  4. If someone wants to take the Nifty's I'll split it. They are on craigslist too, so I should have an answer for you early next week.
  5. I am turning my lease in after 2 short years and have some accessories to sell! AFAIK, these should fit ALL Edge models. If it doesn't fit yours, you're weird! Nifty Catch-It Front mats in Black - Retail is $100 WeatherTech 2nd row Liner in Black - Retail is $55 WeatherTech Cargo Liner in Black - Retail is $100 Intro-Tech Ultimate Reflector - Retail is $60 (My Review of the shade: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/7780-intro-tech-ultimate-sunshade-review/) I bought these items about 1.5 years ago and they have served their purpose beautifully. I take care of my stuff, so these things have a TON of life left. If you look at the pictures, it will be difficult to say there were used. The cargo mats all have the original texture to the rubber and NOTHING has worn off. If you have never heard of the Nifty Catch-It mats, you are in for a treat. They are ALL WEATHER CARPETED mats than can literally hold a gallon of water each. I personally hose them out every few vacuumings and they come out looking new again. Just take a look at the photos. The carpet on the front mats look and feel great (I go bare foot as much as I can). The front mats have ALL the nibs on the underside and NEVER move. The stitched logos and badging (where applicable) are all in great shape and look nearly new. The sunshade (Item #4) has the most "use/wear" and is still in fine/good/dandy working condition. There's a couple threads starting to come loose, but it's very minor and you can't tell unless you study it. It is still perfectly rigid with no bends or tears or anything glaring. Over $300 in retail, in great condition. I want to get $185 for everything (plus shipping) OR LOCAL PICKUP in Los Angeles (I can work with you possibly on this). I want to sell this as a set, but anyone interested in just pieces, post your desire. If there's enough demand to split it, I will consider. Thanks for looking!! Here are the pics. BTW, the edges of the WeatherTechs are just like that from being rolled up. If you buy them new from the factory, they will arrive just the same and then settle to their shape in a day or so (quicker in hot weather). That's how they looked when I received them, but they fit perfectly after they return to shape. You can see in the last photo vs. the 5th photo, the cargo liner started to return its shape by the time I got back to photographing 5 minutes later in the sun. . I'll have to go home and take pics of the shade and its bag.
  6. cal3thousand

    Intro-Tech Ultimate Sunshade Review

    Returning my Edge on April 1st 2013 (Lease end). No joke So, I'm selling my accessories. This shade is still in good condition and still kicks ass. It's about to get hot, so you definitely want one to save your dash and sweat. (I'm using the funds to purchase another one of these excellent shades for my new-to-me car). $35 shipping to your door in the CONUS. Canadians PM me to figure out if it will be cost prohibitive. Includes the crappy bag if I can find it.
  7. cal3thousand

    2014 Ford Edge

    If they make that, I'm all over it. Why are people surprised that they are not offering a 6 cylinder version? Every maker worth it's salt is moving towards direct injection turbo charged engines with smaller displacement. Back in the day, there was no "replacement for displacement"... nowadays we call it BOOST! Ford will probably put in the twin scroll turbo technology refined in the Taurus SHO. Direct injection itself should add about 15% efficiency. 2.5L would be plenty. Could be tuned to 400 HP without much effort.
  8. Very nice rack. I cringe at the thought of trunk racks, but this one seems very good and similar to the Saris bones. Are you able to open the hatch with that thing on there?
  9. cal3thousand

    Odd behavior

    Could be number of things... how was your gas mileage during this stint?
  10. cal3thousand

    2013 SEL-Appearance Package w/ Pics / Matte Black Poll

    Matte Black the grille :shades: BTW, good choice on the appearance package, those wheels are HOT!
  11. cal3thousand

    Crappy Gas Milage & Black TailPipes

    Look at the frontal area on an Edge versus your Altima, no comparison. And how do you expect to get the EPA estimated mileage when driving a good 15% faster? Remember that drag is an exponent of your velocity. Double speed = 4 times the force required. You want to compare that Nissan with a Ford? Try a Fusion Want to compare a Nissan to this Edge? Look at Murano. I haven't heard of anyone else here with black tail pipes. Obviously something is not right with your particular vehicle. Have pics?
  12. cal3thousand

    question for those with sunroof

    Now that's how you take a picture!
  13. You could sell it in classifieds? I'll give ya 15 bucks if no one else wants it. :yup:
  14. cal3thousand

    Where do you park?!

    I'm with kc300c, stay away from kid haulers. Basically, away from anyone that doesn't understand how to value a car's appearance and worth. Old ladies, guys in 2 door beaters, and the SUVs that have those stickers indicating a small clan is on board.
  15. cal3thousand

    Sexual references

    It's in fashion nowadays EDIT: I meant PTSD