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  1. He whole one light not coming on all the time when they fire up seems to have something to do with auto headlights if you are using that setting. If I turned on and off manually there was never a problem.
  2. c_bova

    FS: Mud flaps, wheel locks, Oil

    I have to take the oil back off. Will be far to expensive to ship.
  3. c_bova

    FS: Mud flaps, wheel locks, Oil

    Sorry didn't see that. I have 3 5+ quart jugs of ford motor craft sythentic blend 5w20 if anyone wants the, all 3 for $35 shipped.
  4. c_bova

    FS: Mud flaps, wheel locks, Oil

    bumping up, still available
  5. c_bova

    How do I add fuel injector cleaner??

    it's most likely because it's cold out and the hot exhaust causes condensation in the exhaust pipe, save your money it's normal
  6. c_bova

    So long Edge Sport

    Yeah I only have a miniature schnauzer so I don't have much to carry around, plus my wife has a nissan rogue. Roads usually aren't to bad but can suck if they aren't taken care of, although when it snows here the way people drive you'd think we lived in the south and never seen the stuff before. surprisingly I feel the Q50 handles better in the snow then my Edge Sport did.
  7. c_bova

    So long Edge Sport

    they might fit in one of those flat rate boxes, I can check, heck they might even fit in a larger padded envelope. if you give me the zip I'll check on the cost and let you know.
  8. c_bova

    FS: Mud flaps, wheel locks, Oil

    offers welcome
  9. c_bova

    FS: Mud flaps, wheel locks, Oil

    You can see in the one photo how the tip is cracked. Don't know if still works though. Can't test it. The mud flaps are cut for the edge sport although I'm sure they will still work on other models. They aren't stained I just cleaned them before taking the picture and they weren't completely dry.
  10. I'll post up pictures tonight, but since I no longer have my Edge I no longer need these items. Mud flaps modified for the edge sport - $20 shipped Wheel locks -$30 shipped DDM 35W Hid Ballasts and capacitors - sold I have the 2 9006 bulbs but it seems the tip of one cracked or something so I don't know if it will still work, I can throw them in if you want them (4500k color)
  11. c_bova

    Shrinking Weather Strips, Corrosion on Ford Emblem

    after 27k miles on my Edge (was way less than that when I noticed) my front emblem start clouding up too. Took it to the dealer and they replaced it under warranty.
  12. c_bova

    So long Edge Sport

    It was a good run with the Edge but I missed driving a car and something with some more power. Ford needs to redo the throttle mappings for the Edge badly. Never really had any issues over last two years except transmission thunk and the dash rattled around the steering wheel. Other than that all was good. Oh and Ford should have made the sport standard with HIDs.
  13. c_bova

    So long Edge Sport

    So yesterday I traded in my 2012 Edge Sport for a 2014 Infiniti Q50. I have a set of mud flaps and wheel locks if any one wants to buy them from me. It was a good 2 years with the Edge.
  14. c_bova

    BLIS® with Cross Traffic Alert

    I like BLIS but hate the cross traffic, although it is nice at times there has been way to many times it has gone off for no reason and made me slam on the brakes when backing up thinking a car was coming, very annoying.